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Automated deployments to {tournament-name}

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This is an application to handle automatic deployments of the mit-tab application

What this application does

  • Deploys an instance of mit-tab to a Digital Oceal droplet (using Digital Ocean's remote Docker hosts)
  • Creates a DNS record at {tournament} that maps to that droplet's IP address using the Digital Ocean DNS services
  • Useful scripts to backup tournaments
  • Admin interface to delete tournaments


  • Automate staging deploys with PRs to mit-tab
  • Add more functionality (stripe refunds, task logs, etc.) to the admin interface

Installation and Running

You will need the AWS, DigitalOcean and Stripe credentials to test this. Please set up your own account if you plan on developing on this. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

The easiest way to run is with pipenv

pip install pipenv
pipenv install
PYTHONPATH=$(pwd) FLASK_APP=deployer pipenv run flask run

Environment Variables

These are in .env, which is .gitignore'd. Run cp .env.example .env to get started.


On each master commit, the dockerhub image benmusch/mit-tab:latest is built and pushed. To deploy, pull this image, pull the code, and run dc up -d.


Automated deployments to {tournament-name}






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