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Upload citation data to Wikidata
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Upload bibliographic data to Wikidata.

Wikidata is a Wikimedia project which stores huge amount of openly licensed (CC0) data. This tool is designed to help create an open bibliographic database.

If you have a bibliography in CSL format, you can use this tool to upload it to Wikidata.


bib2wikidata is built upon the Meteor platform. You can install it with:

curl | sh

Clone a bib2wikidata repository:

git clone

Run a local instance of bib2wikidata:


Open http://localhost:3000/, which is an address of your local instance.

You will have to register an OAuth consumer. Ask for the following permissions:

  • Basic rights
  • High-volume editing
  • Edit existing pages
  • Edit protected pages
  • Create, edit, and move pages
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