SAPUI5/OpenUI5 custom control for non-productive use to inspect runtime models
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UI5 Model Inspector (Custom Control)

This custom control exists so that troubleshooting your models is quick and easy.

The custom control is surfaced as a simple sap.m.Button which you can place in your footer (or other location), and launches a sap.m.ResponsivePopover when clicked containing all of the models available to the View. After choosing a model, you can drill down into the model's properties. If "TwoWay" binding is used by your model, any changes you make in the ModelInspector window will be immediately available in your application.


Ultimately, you wouldn't want to release this custom control into production applications. So its usage will exist solely in the development and debugging phases of your project.


View on GitHub Pages


If you want to run the demo locally, please run your HTTP server at the root of this repo. This is required because both the demo/ folder and the control/ folder need to be accessible. If ran from within demo/ then the custom control content cannot be loaded.



Step 1 - Download custom control

Using Bower

Requires Bower NPM package installed.

Using your shell, change directory to your project's root folder.

$ bower install ui5-model-inspector

If you encounter a SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN error from Bower, add a .bowerrc file at your project root with { "strict-ssl": false }.

Manual Download (without Bower)

Download the entire contents of the control folder of this repository by downloading ZIP.

Step 2 (optional) - Copy control assets into your app

This is an optional step - skip if you do not need to include the files underneath your web application. In Step 3, you can reference the path as ../bower_components/ui5-model-inspector/control.

Now that you have the required .js and .xml files to run this custom control, you'll want to copy them into your application directory so that it is included in your webapp deployment.

Terminal steps (or use Windows Explorer/Finder/your editor/etc.)

$ mkdir -p webapp/control/mitchbarry
$ cp -r bower_components/ui5-model-inspector/control/* webapp/control/mitchbarry/

The end result should look similar to this:

Folder Structure

Step 3 - Register Module Path

Register a module path for the custom control in the init method of your manifest.json file:

    "sap.ui5": {
        "resourceRoots": {
            "com.mitchbarry.controls": "./control/mitchbarry"

Step 3 - Add xmlns Entry

Define the namespace in the top of your view xmlns:x="com.mitchbarry.controls", e.g.:


Step 4 - Add Model Inspector Control

Simply add: <x:ModelInspector text="Inspect Models" /> to your view where you want the button to appear.

Since ModelInspector extends sap.m.Button, all related properties are assignable (enabled, visible, etc).

Additional Help

Please see the demo/ folder of the repository to see how it is used!


  • The demo/ application is a marginally modified copy of the "Manage Products" UI5 demo application created by the OpenUI5 team.
  • README and general notes built on @jpenninkhof's openui5-qrcode control.
  • ModelInspector will use a JSONModel of its own named __ModelInspector. If this is not available, the custom control will not properly function.