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DMD Open-access Variant Explorer (DOVE): A tool to aggregate clinically relevant information related to variants in the DMD gene.
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DMD Open-access Variant Explorer

Contributors: Mitch Bailey, Nicole Miller, Ivo Fokkema


The purpose of the DMD Open-Access Variant Explorer (DOVE) is to streamline analysis of genetic variants effecting the Dp427m (NM_004006.2) transcript of the DMD gene.

DOVE uses Python and the Django web framework to integrate existing open-access tools to reduce the number od distinct searches needed to analyse a variant, and to expand analysis beyond variants already well described (i.e. novel variants). In addition to predicted consequences of genetic variants, the tool integrates theoretical eligibility for exon skipping or read-through therapies.

Set up

  • Requires Python2.7, corresponding pip, virtualenv, Perl.

  • Clone/download dmd-interpreter then cd to the dmd-interpreter directory.

  • Create and activate the virtual environment:

    virtualenv DOVE_env --python=python2.7
    . DOVE_env/bin/activate
  • Download all dependencies:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  • To run locally (suggestions/contributions are welcomed!):

    ./ runserver

    Note: For static files to be served locally, DEBUG will need to be TRUE in

  • DOVE can now be tested through your browser. To deactivate:


Installing DOVE on an Apache2 environment

  • Requires libapache2-mod-wsgi.

  • Edit Apache's .conf file for the site you wish to add DOVE to.

  • Add the following lines to your Apache config (don't forget to change the paths):

    Alias /static /var/www/dmd-interpreter/interpreter/static
    <Directory /var/www/dmd-interpreter/interpreter/static>
        Require all granted
    <Directory /var/www/dmd-interpreter/interpreter_site>
            Require all granted
    WSGIDaemonProcess DOVE python-home=/var/www/dmd-interpreter/DOVE_env home=/var/www/dmd-interpreter
    WSGIProcessGroup DOVE
    WSGIScriptAlias /DOVE /var/www/dmd-interpreter/interpreter_site/
  • Make sure Apache has rights to write to the temp file (interpreter/temp.txt) and the triage html file (interpreter/templates/triage.html).

  • Restart Apache to complete the process.

View at LUMC:

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