Packer scripts to build a Vagrant-compatible boot2docker box.
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boot2docker Vagrant Box

This repository contains the scripts necessary to create a Vagrant-compatible boot2docker box. If you work solely with Docker, this box lets you keep your Vagrant workflow and work in the most minimal Docker environment possible.


The box is available on Vagrant Cloud, making it very easy to use it:

$ vagrant init mitchellh/boot2docker
$ vagrant up

If you want the actual box file, you can download it from the releases page.

On OS X, to use the docker client, follow the directions here: (you'll need to export DOCKER_HOST). You should then be able to to run docker version from the host.

Vagrant Up Boot2Docker

Building the Box

If you want to recreate the box, rather than using the binary, then you can use the scripts and Packer template within this repository to do so in seconds.

To build the box, first install the following prerequisites:

Then follow the steps:

$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh -c 'cd /vagrant && sudo ./'
$ vagrant destroy --force
$ packer build template.json

You can restrict only VirtualBox, VMware, or Parallels by specifying the -only flag to Packer.