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Boto Route53 Library

This is a nicer interface to the Amazon Route 53 service built on top of boto. Work is underway to merge this work back upstream to boto, but until then it will live in this separate library.


Since my goal is to get this merged back into boto, the only installation method is from the source itself. Download the source and do a typical call:

python install


The usage style very much follows the standards set by boto itself, so if you've used boto, you should feel right at home. An example is shown below:

import time
from route53.connection import Route53Connection

# Create a connection (AWS credentials from environmental variables)
# and list all zones.
conn = Route53Connection()
for zone in conn.get_all_hosted_zones():
    print "Zone: %s" %

# Create a zone and wait for it to complete
change = conn.create_hosted_zone("")
while change.status == "PENDING":

print "New zone created!"

Every module and class is documented so based on the small example shown above, it should be easy to see how to use the rest of the library.