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A Go (golang) library for wrapping words in a string.
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go-wordwrap (Golang package: wordwrap) is a package for Go that automatically wraps words into multiple lines. The primary use case for this is in formatting CLI output, but of course word wrapping is a generally useful thing to do.

Installation and Usage

Install using go get

Full documentation is available at

Below is an example of its usage ignoring errors:

wrapped := wordwrap.WrapString("foo bar baz", 3)

Would output:


Word Wrap Algorithm

This library doesn't use any clever algorithm for word wrapping. The wrapping is actually very naive: whenever there is whitespace or an explicit linebreak. The goal of this library is for word wrapping CLI output, so the input is typically pretty well controlled human language. Because of this, the naive approach typically works just fine.

In the future, we'd like to make the algorithm more advanced. We would do so without breaking the API.

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