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+# Lifeguard
+**Lifeguard is still alpha quality and not ready for production use.**
+Lifeguard is a highly scalable, fault tolerant distributed infrastructure and
+application monitoring service. The health of your systems are determined by
+checks written in JavaScript that run across the monitoring cluster. The data
+that the checks inspect can be retrieved from various sources, such as a
+database, Graphite, or remote SSH commands. Failing checks notify your IT
+team as necessary.
+## Features
+Lifeguard brings monitoring to the modern age. Some features and a brief
+description of each is given below:
+* **Highly Scalable.** Monitoring systems such as Nagios very quickly run
+ into scaling issues as the number of nodes and checks increases. With Lifeguard,
+ you simply add more nodes and computation is evenly distributed across the
+ entire cluster.
+* **Fault Tolerant.** Lifeguard is master-less and can handle failure in many
+ nodes.
+* **Extensible.** Checks are all written in JavaScript and run using V8.
+ Data sources and notifiers can be written in Erlang.
2  rebar.config
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{erl_opts, [
+ debug_info,
+ fail_on_warning,
{parse_transform, lager_transform}
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