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## Synced Folders
There is minimal support for synced folders. Upon `vagrant up`,
-`vagrant reload`, and `vagrant provision`, the AWS provider will use
+ and `vagrant provision`, the AWS provider will use
`rsync` (if available) to uni-directionally sync the folder to
the remote machine over SSH.
This is good enough for all built-in Vagrant provisioners (shell,
chef, and puppet) to work!
+## Amazon Linux AMI's
+[Amazon Linux AMIs]( are set
+to require tty when sudo'ing, which causes problems when Vagrant tries
+to do things like setup the rsync folder. In order to get around this
+you can send aws user_data to populate the cloud init config and change this
+for the ec2-user when the instance is created:
+aws.user_data = "#!/bin/bash\necho 'Defaults:ec2-user !requiretty' > /etc/sudoers.d/999-vagrant-cloud-init-requiretty && chmod 440 /etc/sudoers.d/999-vagrant-cloud-init-requiretty\nyum install -y puppet\n"
## Other Examples
### Tags