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Vagrant up fails for VMware workstation #1757

thasmo opened this Issue · 14 comments

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"vagrant up" (1.2.2) with the vmware_workstation provider (VMware Workstation 9) running on Windows 7 64bit, using Cygwin, fails. Here's the debug log:

I've downloaded your precise64 machine for vmware_fusion and just renamed the directory to vmware_workstation.

Any idea why this fails? Is it time for a new shiny 1.2.3? :D


Oh wow, this looks incredibly annoying (anything that mentions character encodings... gonna have a bad time).

I've never seen this. But I'll take a look.


Sure, thanks! If you have any questions or need any data just ask - I'm happy to help out!


Don't wanna stress, but do you have any estimation when you got time to have a look at this particular problem? Would be awesome if I get a box running with VMware before the 30 days trial are over. Thank you!


Changed my username to lowercase and it seems gists are not redirected, so here's the link to the gist once more:


I looked into this further and have some bad news. It really looks like this is actually a bug with Ruby itself. The VMware provider iterates over some keys in your registry, and INSIDE these methods (not in the code I write), it is actually getting this exception. Oy! I'm really sorry to tell you this.

If this makes the Workstation plugin unusable I'm happy to refund you. Otherwise, please report this to Ruby. Sad.

@mitchellh mitchellh closed this

I see. I'd really like to test VMware for shared folder performance because VirtualBox is really bad at it and that's a reason we probably won't use it in our agency. Is it possible to change the ruby version? Could you maybe send me the error trace/log/message so I can get in contact with the ruby guys by filing a bug ticket? Any idea what else I could try to just test out VMware + Vagrant + Shared folder performance? Thanks!


The error is actually in your trace. You just have to show that it is in the Windows registry code (which it is)


Ah, sure. Thanks - I've opened a ticket:


@thasmo can you try from outside the cygwin console the following command?


And tell us the outcome?

Also, have you tried starting up (vagrant up) outside Cygwin? what are the results?


The output on cmd.exe is:

Aktive Codepage: 850.

I will try vagrant up on cmd.exe later, will report back.


Btw. same output using Cygwin on mintty.exe.


As I now replied here ( it seems
that this only happens in the Cygwin environment but not on cmd.exe.

Any idea why this fails on mintty.exe in the Cygwin environment?


Hey, the awesome ruby guys fixed the bug.

Any chance to get this somehow incorporated?
Would you mind reopening if it makes sense?

Thanks a lot!


@thasmo Awesome! It looks like this fix isn't in any released version of Ruby yet. We'll have to wait for Ruby to cut a new release before you can see these changes.

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