Is there Gemfile Equivalent for Vagrant Plugins? #1789

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tknerr commented Jun 3, 2013

My Vagrantfiles start relying on more and more plugins, probably in a specific version each. How can I make sure that it loads the correct plugins in the correct version?

My first thought was that there must be something like a Gemfile equivalent for Vagrant plugins, but I couldn't find it in the docs. Is there?

tknerr commented Jun 6, 2013

@mitchellh any pointers on this? Not supported right now? Plans for it? Or did I just miss how its done?

fgrehm commented Jun 6, 2013

👍 for this, I'm just not sure if it should be bundled with Vagrant itself or as a separate plugin

tknerr commented Jun 10, 2013

@fgrehm nice idea, I guess it could be done via a plugin

tknerr commented Jun 13, 2013

Here's a first stab at it, created with @damphyr during a ballmer peak at 4am:

patcon commented Jun 28, 2013

Really think this is needed. We're currently discussing how this feature is a concern for a project that's depending on vagrant.

pirog commented Jun 28, 2013

agreed. have a pretty complex build that sometimes breaks when plugin versions change. would be great to specify.

@patcon patcon referenced this issue in fgrehm/vagrant-cachier Jul 3, 2013

Reduce requirement for initial plugin config #23

fgrehm commented Jul 15, 2013

Hey guys, here's my take on the problem: :)

patcon commented Jul 16, 2013


patcon commented Jul 16, 2013

Oh god, this is too perfect a name: bindler
I feel entirely way too smug right now.

@fgrehm fgrehm referenced this issue in fgrehm/bindler Jul 16, 2013

Rename plugin? #2


I think for now delegating this out to Vundler is ideal. Closing.

@mitchellh mitchellh closed this Jul 17, 2013

Vundler is now deprecated we now again need this. @mitchellh can you suggest how to manage plugin requirements.


👍 For reopening this. There is no alternative at the moment.

guilhem commented Jan 19, 2015

@mitchellh as many Vagrantfile options are specific to a plugin, and many time to a specific version of a plugin, it will be really good to being able to have something like "Gemfile" for Vagrant.

For the moment, to being able to share our project between developers, we have to put command lines in documentation...

modius commented Feb 24, 2015

Vagrant 1.5+ offers Bundler support via a Gemfile:

tknerr commented Feb 24, 2015

...but that's only used for plugin development, it will not help for
installing plugins into a "productive" vagrant environment :-/
Am 24.02.2015 06:09 schrieb "Geoff Bowers"

Vagrant 1.5+ offers Bundler support via a Gemfile:

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#1789 (comment).


looking for this exact support. currently, am working on creating a cohesive development environment solution for us, and am running into a plugin requirement that I would rather have automatically installed when "vagrant up" is called, rather than having it be an extra command.

looked at bindler, but it seems it is no longer supported.

I am echoing the above comment in that the gemfile support does not work for anything other than plugin development.

cwc commented Jun 2, 2015


ut-adamc commented Sep 1, 2015

+1. Sometimes particular vagrantfiles need a gem and you really don't want to install it globally, even for Vagrant.


Running into this question as well. +1 on opening this issue.

darkn3rd commented May 3, 2016 edited

Highly interested, this would make it simple to install plug-ins for the project. As a suggestion, there this could be part of the Vagrantfile, maybe have a plug-in preprocessor something like this:

plugin 'vagrant-aws', '>=0.7.0'
plugin 'vagrant-berkshelf', '>=4.0.3'

This would install such plug-ins if they did not exist already. There could also be a Pluginfile as well to install these outside of a vagrant up. You could then just do a vagrant plugin install without listing any particular plugin, and it will search $PWD for Pluginfile, and install the plugins from that file.

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