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It would be very nice if I could spawn the virtualbox VM's on other machines. I do my coding on my macbook but I would like to spawn the VM's on my desktop computer.


I can think of two ways to do this:

  1. scp the image and ssh the virtualbox commands. Hacky, but easy to understand.
  2. Teleporting: Sounds awesome, but I have no idea how this would work.

This is something I'm not going to even look at building into Vagrant itself at least until post 1.0 :) I've marked this as a feature request, but don't plan on looking at it again for a bit unless there are immediate compelling reasons.


amlee commented Sep 26, 2011

+1 on this feature. I have a few mac minis/dell servers that I used to run tests or simulate the production environment. Currently I have to vnc or rdp into them to start/stop the VBox VMs on them. Would be great to to this remotely. Thanks for the great tool!


As I said earlier and agree, post 1.0. Closing.


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Now that you switch to using the command-line to communicate with VirtualBox, how would you plan on implementing such a feature? Would you consider using the SOAP interface?

JonPeel commented Feb 4, 2013

With Vagrant now post 1.0, any new thoughts on this feature request? I'd be keen to see more discussion on if and how this gets implemented.


@mitchellh Thoughts? I'd love to see this :)


I have a Windows box, my tests, and scripts calling Vagrant must run on Linux, so I use VirtualBox to run the script calling Vagrant, then Vagrant start an embedded VirtualBox VM, so VirtualBox inside VirtualBox, and that doesn't work that great, 64 bit is not supported as the embedded VM, and the all things is used to freeze both VirtualBox, so very unstable. I would be great if the first level VirtualBox VM, that is calling vagrant, end-up creating sibling VMs.


@mitchellh any word on whether we can re-open this? It'd be terrific if we could put some unused office servers to use for some coworkers with slow computers. This would also allow us to use netbooks / dev-mode-Chromebooks for development, with the VirtualBox VM running on a Mac Mini in the cupboard. Cheers!

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