I'd like to start the translation of docs into pt_BR - Brazilian Portuguese #988

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Hello, @mitchellh.

My name is Rogerio, I'm from Brazil, Sao Paulo city, and I'd like to start the translation of docs into pt_BR - Brazilian Portuguese.

In my opinion the documentation has an excellent level at this time, however in our country we still have a considerable amount of professionals who are not ready to read it in english.

Maybe, with the translation in our natural language, Vagrant could be more spread here.

Do you think it's possible to make the current docs available at official site in other languages plus english?

Thanks, man!


I could help on that too @rogeriopradoj, having the Vagrant docs in our language would be very handy.


Thanks, @fernandomantoan.

First of all, take a look at http://vagrant.rogeriopradoj.com and https://github.com/rogeriopradoj/vagrant.

I've started on that, but I know just a locale at official repo should be better (@ivanrosolen remembered it).

Do you have some suggestion, or any example repo, to make it work as a locale folder right here?


Vagrant use twig right? We could use "trans" so others can translate too


If twig is used we could do exactly as @ivanrosolen said... If not, we should discuss to @mitchellh to see the better approach, mainly because as far as i know, the main vagrant sites are using Rails, or am i wrong?


Hi! Sorry I haven't responded. The main site is just a jekyll site, so its mostly markdown.

I've been against translating it so far because I'm afraid of it getting out of date since every time I update the docs the other langs would be out of date. :(


But if we use jerkyll locale thing and make sure that the website works fine? Can we do it?


I think that we could handle that @mitchellh


Hello, @mitchellh, @fernandomantoan and @ivanrosolen.

I've started(or restarted) translation of docs (mainly gh-pages branch) into Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) in https://github.com/FriendsOfVagrant/friendsofvagrant.github.com, @FriendsOfVagrant

The page is being displayed/rendered on http://friendsofvagrant.github.com/

You can see on footer page there an notice about the translation, how to help, and of course an link to official page, http://vagrantup.com

We've even created a Twitter account, http://twitter.com/FOVagrant for spread the progress of translation.

My hope is we can finish this translation into pt_BR before the launching of 1.1.0 release, so maybe we could point this work on official website.

And about your fear of getting the translation out of date, @mitchellh, as @fernandomantoan said, I think we could handle that. On https://github.com/FriendsOfVagrant/friendsofvagrant.github.com repo we have a branch name official/gh-pages where I'll be monitoring for sync always you update the main repo.

What do you say?


Hello, @mitchellh , I realized that you updated the initial page, and now Vagrant website has a bunch of subdomains:

  • www
  • downloads
  • docs

In order to keep the translation into Brazilian Portuguese on http://friendsofvagrant.github.com (which has already completed the getting started translation), could you point us each subdomain with the related branch on github?

Thanks in advance!



@mitchellh, I'm sorry, I just figured out on hashicorp blog, http://www.hashicorp.com/blog/a-new-look-for-vagrant.html the answers to my question above.

Just to make this complete:



Sorry for not responding for so long. I'm still against translations because the docs are changing so much still. I'm happy to look at them in the future.

@mitchellh mitchellh closed this Apr 7, 2013

Hi @mitchellh , don't worry, thanks for let us know, and I can see your point 👍

I have to say that I'm keeping the job on translation, and hope in future we could publish it officially :-)

See ya, and congrats for you good work on Vagrant!

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