Fixing #1088 - Adding puppet file configuration to copy index.html file ... #1115

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Adding puppet file configuration to copy index.html file to the correct location.


Mergey mergey?


Hm. I think instead of this I'd prefer if the entire "/vagrant" directory was a document root. Perhaps the cleanest way to do this would be an augeas rule but I'm not sure if augeas is installed by default in the VMs. Thoughts?

At the very least, maybe make this a symlink to "/vagrant/index.html" so that people following the guide can create it after the fact.


I don't think augeas is installed by default, and it would mean some extra modules for puppet as well. As far as a quick start guide is concerned I think that would be not-quick.

Perhaps a symlink of /var/www to /vagrant (or /vagrant/www) would be a better option?


@mitchellh We're hoping to depend on this doc for next weeks jQuery summit. Is there any chance you can merge this PR, and I'll come up with a better option for you later on?

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