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@gael-ian gael-ian Add vagrant-bindfs to shared folders related plugins Jun 29, 2016 6e12e4a
@sethvargo sethvargo Updated Available Vagrant Plugins (markdown) Jun 20, 2016 c2e34e0
@sethvargo sethvargo Updated _Footer (markdown) Jun 20, 2016 b113d1a
@sethvargo sethvargo Move to docs Jun 20, 2016 67524a8
@sethvargo sethvargo Updated Installing Vagrant from Source (markdown) Jun 20, 2016 701eb14
@sethvargo sethvargo Updated Vagrant Plugin Development (markdown) Jun 20, 2016 8028505
@sethvargo sethvargo Destroyed Troubleshooting (markdown) Jun 20, 2016 2b229e3
@sethvargo sethvargo Updated Home (markdown) Jun 20, 2016 3ed97ae
@hedinfaok hedinfaok Fixed version in Bundle examples May 5, 2016 f693765
@hedinfaok hedinfaok Adds more detail about using specific versions of Bundler and directly links to the vagrant.gemspec file in master. May 4, 2016 c6e1e80
@emyl emyl Moved vagrant-triggers to host interaction category Apr 9, 2016 9682719
@mspaulding06 mspaulding06 Added vagrant-clean plugin Feb 28, 2016 9b7a628
@kikitux kikitux Add skytap Feb 25, 2016 0524cca
@tjslone tjslone The ln -sf syntax was the wrong way round - we want the symlink to be created in /usr/local/bin pointing to the built version of Vagrant Feb 24, 2016 756358e
@higebu higebu Updated Available Vagrant Plugins (markdown) Feb 21, 2016 066d46a
@higebu higebu Move vagrant-vyos to Guests Feb 21, 2016 2b20598
@Eric-Guo Eric-Guo Add link to vagrant-alpine Feb 13, 2016 cb7785e
@kirillweb kirillweb Updated Home (markdown) Feb 4, 2016 23a836a
@kirillweb kirillweb Updated Home (markdown) Feb 2, 2016 c5a1c3f
@kirillweb kirillweb Updated Home (markdown) Feb 2, 2016 e7ea8f7
@damko damko added a new item to paragraph `/etc/hosts` approach Jan 29, 2016 3629d5c
@gavioto gavioto recover some previous deprecated extensions that contains extra functionality not included in vagrant Jan 20, 2016 972142e
@gavioto gavioto Snapshot integrated into vagrant 1.8+ Jan 20, 2016 9f4b3ab
@bbrala bbrala Added vagrant-remove-old-box-versions Jan 13, 2016 5395ec1
@nasskach nasskach Updated Available Vagrant Plugins (markdown) Jan 9, 2016 144624d
@nasskach nasskach Updated Available Vagrant Plugins (markdown) Jan 8, 2016 123c93f
@fabriziopandini fabriziopandini Added vagrant-compose plugin Jan 3, 2016 ff29145
@it-praktyk it-praktyk vagrant-vyatta moved to deprecated, vagrant-vyos added to uncategorized Dec 24, 2015 f163be4
@aconstantin aconstantin fixed link to atlas in community boxes abstract Nov 11, 2015 aebbaff
@sethvargo sethvargo Updated Plugin development (markdown) Nov 8, 2015 d397737
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