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OpenMessage - Open Source XMPP Client

Other OpenSource Projects used

  • S22.XMPP
  • OTRLib
  • MonoFlat theme by HazelDev
  • FreePik for Icon(s)

Notes Before Use

To use OpenMessage as a xmpp client, when logging in, the <server_name> and <Jid_domain> must be the same:

Example: Server_name = "" jid_domain = "" WILL NOT WORK.

Working Example: server_name = "" jid_domain = "" WILL WORK.

Please keep that in mind.

Features (Current)

  • Private Messaging
  • Save username for a later session
  • Custom server setup
  • Easy to use interface
  • Basic roster (Basic add and Delete now available)
  • TLS Support
  • Basic Notification Support (Flashing taskbar icon and MP3/Wav sound)

Planned features

  • OTR Encryption
  • Group Messaging
  • PGP Encryption
  • Audio/Video Chat
  • Maybe more?

Installation of pre-built binaries

Just unzip and run OpenMessage.exe, Login and go.

Compiling OpenMessage from Source

Install Visual Studio 2015 or later with .NET 4.5+

Download, or clone the Git Repo.

Open in VS and click "Build" -> "Build Solution"