A Qvitter fork - Modified to be wider, look better, and optimised. NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION. SEE THE ORIGINAL QVITTER: https://git.gnu.io/h2p/Qvitter
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Qvitter is free software: you can redistribute it and / or modify it
under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version three of the License or (at
your option) any later version.

Qvitter is distributed in hope that it will be useful but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILTY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for
more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with Qvitter. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.


  1. Install GNU social directly under a domain (Qvitter is not compatible with subdirectory installs) with fancy urls enabled (if your instance has "index.php" in its URLs, Qvitter will not work properly) and HTTPS enabled (it's always best to use HTTPS from the beginning, there will be issues with federation if you choose to enable HTTPS later)

  2. Put all files in local/plugins/Qvitter

  3. Add addPlugin('Qvitter'); to your /config.php file.

  4. It's highly recommended to use the StoreRemoteMedia plugin. It will cache attachments from remote instances locally and make them appear in the streams. Add addPlugin('StoreRemoteMedia'); to your /config.php file. (Only available in newer GNU social)

  5. There are settings in QvitterPlugin.php, but for easy updates, put them in config.php instead. Example:

// Qvitter-settings
$config['site']['qvitter']['enabledbydefault'] = true;
$config['site']['qvitter']['defaultbackgroundcolor'] = '#f4f4f4';
$config['site']['qvitter']['defaultlinkcolor'] = '#0084B4';
$config['site']['qvitter']['timebetweenpolling'] = 5000;
$config['site']['qvitter']['urlshortenerapiurl'] = 'http://qttr.at/yourls-api.php'; // if your site is on HTTPS, use url to shortener.php here
$config['site']['qvitter']['urlshortenersignature'] = 'b6afeec983';
$config['site']['qvitter']['sitebackground'] = 'img/vagnsmossen.jpg';
$config['site']['qvitter']['favicon_path'] = Plugin::staticPath('Qvitter', '').'img/gnusocial-favicons/';
$config['site']['qvitter']['sprite'] = Plugin::staticPath('Qvitter', '').'img/sprite.png?v=40';

//For Dark theme uncomment the following:
//$config['site']['qvitter']['sprite'] = Plugin::staticPath('Qvitter', '').'img/sprite_dark.png?v=40';
//$config['site']['qvitter']['dark_theme'] = true;

//For user allowed theme colors(Do not activate with dark theme):
//$config['site']['qvitter']['user_theme'] = true;

//For a donation link in the user menu:
//$config['site']['qvitter']['donation'] = "https://example.com";

//Emoji Support (Requires another plugin!!!)(https://code.chromic.org/chimo/gs-emojiShortnames):
$config['site']['qvitter']['emojishortname'] = true;

$config['site']['qvitter']['enablewelcometext'] = true;
// $config['site']['qvitter']['customwelcometext']['sv'] = '<h1>Välkommen till Quitter.se – en federerad<sup>1</sup> mikrobloggsallmänning!</h1><p>Etc etc...</p>';
// $config['site']['qvitter']['customwelcometext']['en'] = '<h1>Welcome to Quitter.se – a federated microblog common!</h1><p>Etc etc...</p>';
// $config['site']['qvitter']['customtermsofuse'] = 'Our custom terms of use';
$config['site']['qvitter']['blocked_ips'] = array();

// Recommended GNU social settings
$config['thumbnail']['maxsize'] = 3000; // recommended setting to get more high-res image previews
$config['profile']['delete'] = true; // twitter users are used to being able to remove their accounts
$config['profile']['changenick'] = true; // twitter users are used to being able to change their nicknames
$config['public']['localonly'] = true; // only local users in the public timeline (qvitter always has a timeline for the whole known network)
addPlugin('StoreRemoteMedia'); // makes remote images appear in the feed

The settings should be self-explanatory. In doubt, ask in the !qvitter group on quitter.se, or email h@nnesmannerhe.im

  1. For better performance, disable checkschema (instructions in GNU social's config.php), but don't forget to run it when updating plugins (including Qvitter).

  2. To change the logo, edit /img/sprite.png. For easier git-updates, put it in GNU social's locale folder, and edit the sprite path setting above.


  1. Translation files reside in /locale and /doc folders.

  2. When translating .json files, don't translate the placeholder strings inside curly brackets {}


Qvitter uses GNU social's built in "twitter compatible" API. The API was designed to be compatible with Twitter's API v1.0. Some documentation is here: http://skilledtests.com/wiki/Twitter-compatible_API Twitter's API v1.1 documentation is also useful, but may be partly incorrect.

Qvitter extends this API in a few undocumented ways. See onRouterInitialized() in QvitterPlugin.php for ideas about paths for the API extensions.


QvitterMod has only been tested on postActiv!!