Armadillo is a Jquery UI for GNUSocial and postActiv
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Armadillo UI For GNU/Social!

Armadillo is an add-on plugin for Qvitter to allow users to switch between Qvitter and Mastodon-like interfaces on demand.



  • At least GNU/Social(1.2.0+) or postActiv(1.0.3-dev)
  • Working install of Qvitter on the instance

Installing Armadillo

  1. Just git clone in you instance's root plugin directory (Like /var/www/html/plugins as an example)
  2. Copy Armadillo/aui/armadillo/config.json.example to Armadillo/aui/armadillo/config.json
  3. Open config.json and specify the URL with http or https example:
  4. open the folder in your browser and away you go!

Configuration Options

Some configuration options are obvious, but I will briefly explain them here.

Option Value
server The server that armadillo connects to, no http/https and no following "/"
locked This is a legacy option, just ignore it
background This should be the link to the background image you want to use, it is relative to the directory that armadillo.html is in
firstTag/secondTag The tag lines at the top of the armadillo UI
owner Your owner information, put any HTML here, but you need to escape special chars. like '"' and ''
color options use your own colors for the UI

Switching to Armadillo

  1. In the top menu for Qvitter, select "Classic 'instance name'"
  2. Then once in "classic" UI select "Switch to Armadillo UI" to load Armadillo.
  3. Profit.

Notes: In your profile settings there is stuff to auto load Armadillo UI in there, however - I am still looking for a way to override qvitter's bullshit.