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If your interface is not eth0 please specify it, when you call


./ --interface eth1 discover

./ --help gives an overview over all available options

Help wanted

Im sorry I am not active at this project anymore. It is open-source so perhabs you could find soneone who can help you.

I have found a security problem with this switch and was very disapointed in the answer from netgear. They need more than 6 Month to fix it and want the ethernet adress of it

Because of this, I do not use this switch anymore.

If you can read german, please read this two articles: � Please feel free to fork the code and do any push request.

Please contact me if you like to do the new maintainer of the projekt Sven Anders <>

Other similar projects (We are merging code together.)


  • Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen
  • Lars Dennis Renneberg Andersen
  • Svenne Krap
  • Shane Kerr
  • Sven Anders

See also:;a=summary

It would be nice if you pay attribution to this project if you use this code.

If you like the projekt, you may Flattr this git repo


Configure Netgear ProSafe Plus Switches on linux




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