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Spotify Foundation

Spotify Foundation is a basic Spotify App takes resources such as kitchensink by Peter Watts and Spotify Apps Tutorial by Andrew Mager and attempts to expand on them.

I will try and give API usage examples that are contained in both apps, but also some more advanced examples such as integrating plugins and real use-case examples of how the API can be used.

This app also serves as a small example of how to organise your app. It includes a nice use of namespacing, memory management, jQuery, jQuery UI, templating and Script.js.

To help drive this app and keep the content expanding please contact me with any and all requests. Please also report any bugs via Github, but remember this app is only a demo so please only report functional bugs.

Apps I've been responsible for so far

Special Thanks

Lastly, a special thanks to Peter Watts, Andrew Mager, Ben Novakovic and We Are Hunted.

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