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Always a work in progress.


  • OS: Little of everything, one Arch, one Manjaro, two Windows. Looking into NixOS.

  • EDITOR: Vim Neovim, I've made the switch.

  • TERMINAL: Alacritty for the most part on Linux. Windows Terminal in WSL.

  • SHELL: Bash, default shell. Though looking into zsh.

  • BROWSER: Firefox, It's not Google Chrome and works pretty well with vim-vixen extension.

  • FONT: Fira Code, Monospaced font with fancy programming ligatures.

  • PDF: Zathura, PDF viewing.

  • COMPOSITOR: Compton, for transparency, etc.

  • WM: i3, along with i3-blocks, Status bar for i3

  • FILE MANAGER: Ranger, for file browsing/navigation.

  • OTHER: tmux, When i3 isn't possible, like when I'm working in WSL on Windows

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