Python Gtalk (XMPP) Bot for Raspberry Pi
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What is it?

Spanish version

This script will allow you to communicate directly with your Raspberry Pi using Gtalk / Google Hangouts.

You can run it in any device that supports google hangouts

Check the video

How can I install it?

1. Install Python 2.7

sudo apt-get install python-pip git-core python2.7-dev

2. Update easy_install

sudo easy_install -U distribute

3. Install GPIO, xmpppy and pydns modules.

sudo pip install RPi.GPIO xmpppy pydns

4. Clone this repository.

git clone

5 Enter in the folder.

cd raspi_gtalk_robot

6. Edit

sudo nano

7. Search for (BOT_GTALK_USER, BOT_GTALK_PASS, and BOT_ADMIN) in lines 31-33. Edit them and save all the changes.


8. Run the script.

sudo python ./

Main commands:

As mitchtech said in this blog entry:

[pinon|pon|on|high] [pin] : turns on the specified GPIO pin
[pinoff|poff|off|low] [pin] : turns off the specified GPIO pin
[write|w] [pin] [state] : writes specified state to the specified GPIO pin
[read|r] [pin]: reads the value of the specified GPIO pin
[available|online|busy|dnd|away|idle|out|xa] [arg1] : set gtalk state and status message to specified argument
[shell|bash] [arg1] : executes the specified shell command argument after ‘shell’ or ‘bash’

Additional resources