Lab programs and Assignments for MIT CSE dept.
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CSE Labs

An open source initiative for sharing lab programs for CSE branch of MIT, Manipal.


  • 3rd Semester Data Structures Lab: Programs with basic concepts of data structures in 'C'.
  • 3rd Semester Object Oriented Programming Lab: Programs in Java utilizing object oriented programming concepts.
  • 3rd Semester SCLD Lab: Short programs for logic design using Verilog.


  • 4th Semester Microprocessors Lab: MASM programs for Assembly code.
  • 4th Semester Database Systems Lab: SQL lab on Oracle client.


  • 5th Semester Operating Systems Lab: Linux processes management and shell programming.
  • 5th Semester Computer Networks Lab: Socket programming in C.
  • 5th Semester Algorithms Lab: Design and Analysis of some algorithms.


  • 6th Semester Compiler Design Lab: Design of a compiler.
  • 6th Semester Parallel Programming Lab: Parallel computation using OpenGL, MPI, and CUDA.