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<%inherit file="/main_wrap.mako" />
<%namespace file="func.mako" import="api_setup, pager_setup"/>
<%namespace file="rss.mako" import="rss_title"/>
<%def name="title()">Recent Bookmarks</%def>
<%def name="header()">
<link href="${rss_url}" rel="alternate" title="${rss_title()}" type="application/rss+xml" />
<div class="bmarks"></div>
<%include file="../jstpl.mako"/>
<%def name="add_js()">
import json
<script type="text/javascript">
// Create a new YUI instance and populate it with the required modules.
YUI().use('bookie-api', 'bookie-history-module', 'bookie-model',
'bookie-tagcontrol', 'bookie-view', function (Y) {
# we might have a user from the resource path that we want to keep tabs on
resource_username = username if username else False
% if username:
var resource_username = '${username}';
var route = resource_username + '/recent';
% else:
var resource_username = undefined;
var route = '/recent';
% endif
var pager = new Y.bookie.PagerModel();
% if count or page:
${pager_setup(count=count, page=page)}
% endif
// we want to call the all url route for this view
listview = new Y.bookie.TagControlBmarkListView({
api_cfg: api_cfg,
current_user: username,
resource_user: resource_username
if (pager) {
listview.set('pager', pager);
// pre-seed the tags list to the listview
var tags = ${json.dumps(tags)|n};
if (tags) {
listview.api.set('tags', tags);
} else {
tags = [];
// bind up the history tracker
var hist = new Y.bookie.BmarkListHistory({
pager: pager,
terms: tags,
route: route
var tagcontrol = new Y.bookie.TagControl({
api_cfg: api_cfg,
initial_tags: tags
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