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use = egg:bookie
pyramid.reload_templates = true
pyramid.debug_authorization = false
pyramid.debug_notfound = false
pyramid.debug_routematch = false
pyramid.debug_templates = false
pyramid.default_locale_name = en
pyramid.includes = pyramid_tm
mako.directories = bookie:templates
sqlalchemy.url = postgresql://jenkins_bookie:bookie@
# set this to help bust the cache. It will add a prefix to the combo url you
# can url-rewrite out on the server side. Left empty for development use.
# file to include on each page that includes things such as google analytics code
installspecific =
# Where are we going to upload import files while we wait to process them
# we leave this commented out in tests, just let it use the default tmp dir
use = egg:Paste#http
host =
port = 6543
# Begin logging configuration
keys = root, bookie, sqlalchemy
keys = console
keys = generic
level = DEBUG
handlers = console
level = DEBUG
handlers =
qualname = bookie
level = DEBUG
handlers = console
qualname = sqlalchemy.engine
# "level = INFO" logs SQL queries.
# "level = DEBUG" logs SQL queries and results.
# "level = WARN" logs neither. (Recommended for production systems.)
class = StreamHandler
args = (sys.stderr,)
level = DEBUG
formatter = generic
format = %(asctime)s %(levelname)-5.5s [%(name)s][%(threadName)s] %(message)s
# End logging configuration