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What is a split:

  • Just that, split the screen, each split contains a buffer
  • Verical or Horizontal
  • create/navigate via keyboard shortcuts

What are they good for

  • Working on diff files at once, who needs tabs?
  • Model/View/Controller
  • Split same file, work in two areas at once
  • Split file before doing action that moves focus
  • Room for other data, pydoc, quickfix window

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • based on ctrl-w


  • create vertical split Ctrl-w v
  • create Horizontal split Ctrl-w s
  • multiple splits

Moving Around

  • Ctrl-w h/j/k/l
  • One more reason to make sure you ditch those arrow keys
  • ok, but arrow keys DO work :-/
  • Keep your hands at the keyboard, forget that crazy mouse
  • a whole array of other options, more specific

Moving Splits

  • Move splits around
  • Ctrl-W HJKL (and sometimes T if you must)
  • Ctrl-w r/x


  • Adjust vertical size Ctrl-w -/+
  • Adjust horizontal size Ctrl-w <>

Sample Uses

Editing same file, two places

Plugins/Tools Pydoc