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Python based replacement
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fixed login-redirect issue for authenticated user
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bookie Merge pull request #545 from AnishShah/login-issue
dbversions twitter celery job
docs clarify what the "content" field means
extensions/chrome_ext Add bookmark and user stats apis.
js Add the yui version for offline download-cache installing
CHANGES.txt Remove the old pylons directory
COPYING Resolve merge from feature/auth
CREDITS.txt Updated CREDITS.txt
Makefile Add support for test coverage reporting
README.rst convert changes to rst
alembic.ini Add alembic and initial migration, NEEDS WORK
dev-requirements.txt Hard coded all packages
setup.cfg Remove the old pylons directory Database migration to support private bookmarks
test.ini twitter oauth
test_alembic.ini Add in the migration files, config file for testing
test_alembic_mysql.ini Add in the mysql migration file we need for the build server
test_mysql.ini twitter oauth
test_pgsql.ini twitter oauth



Main Site:
Mailing List:!forum/bookie_bookmarks
Build Server:

Bookie will one day be a self-hosted bookmark web-service similar to Delicious.

Check out the main site for documentation on features, how to get started installing, and where we're heading from here.

You can check out the Trello board to see what stuff is in the works atm and what the status of your favorite pet feature is:

Quick Start

If you're on Ubuntu, you should be able to get started with:

$ git clone git://
$ cd Bookie && make sysdeps && make install && make run
$ google-chrome (or other browser)

If you're on anything else, give our Vagrant image a try. If you don't have it already, you'll need to download and install Vagrant:

After that, you should be able to get started with:

$ git clone git://
$ cd Bookie
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
% cd /vagrant
% make run
$ google-chrome (or other browser)

Note: If you run into problems during the make sysdeps && make install process, run make clean_all to reset the environment prior to re-running make sysdeps && make install.

If you're unable to complete the install process and need additional help please feel free to contact us in the #bookie IRC channel on Freenode, or the mailing lists.


If you wish to hack on Bookie with the rest of us please check out the HACKING.rst doc in this tree.


The Willie bot has a contrib module to post bookmarks from IRC. It is not yet part of the extras repository.

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