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fast python port of arc90's readability tool, updated to match latest readability.js!
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- Tested for perf. hit, 100 iterations add .03s total time.
- Added the -m flag to the cmd line client to get all metadata output.
- Added test for making sure title/short title come back as well.
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This is a python port of a ruby port of arc90's readability project

Given a html document, it pulls out the main body text and cleans it up. It also can clean up title based on latest readability.js code.


Try it out!

You can try out the parser by entering your test urls on the following test service.


$ easy_install readability-lxml
# or
$ pip install readability-lxml


Command Line Client

$ readability
$ readability /home/rharding/sampledoc.html

As a Library

from readability.readability import Document
import urllib
html = urllib.urlopen(url).read()
readable_article = Document(html).summary()
readable_title = Document(html).short_title()

You can also use the get_summary_with_metadata method to get back other metadata such as the confidence score found while processing the input.

doc = Document(html).summary_with_metadata()
print doc.html
print doc.confidence

Optional Document keyword argument:

  • attributes:
  • debug: output debug messages
  • min_text_length:
  • retry_length:
  • url: will allow adjusting links to be absolute

Test and BUild Status

Tests are run against the package at:

You can view it for build history and test status.


  • 0.2.5 Update for uploading .tar.gz to pypi
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