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Weather for PaPiRus E-Ink display built for Raspberry Pi Zero
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Weather Station built for Raspberry Pi Zero with a 2.0" PaPiRus E-Ink Display

How to install

1. First install requirements:

curl -sSL | sudo bash

#Weather API
sudo python3 -m pip install weather-api

More info on PaPiRus manual setup can be found on their repository.

2. Run with the first argument of a location of your choice.

sudo python3 "New York"

Optionally, replace LOCATION = 'London' on line 11 of to a location of your choice.

3. You should get a result similar to this:

Image of Pi-Weather

Planned Changes

  1. Add use to buttons e.g change forecast range, show more detailed info, swap units.

  2. Tidy up weather icons and make sure there are no duplicates for similar weather types.

  3. Add lines to help separate forecast and current weather.

  4. Add Inverted mode.

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