Library for creating pseudo-asynchronous timers with start and stop actions.
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Copyright © 2015 Mithat Konar.

Licensed for use under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

AsyncTimer is maintained at


This library lets you create pseudo-asynchronous timers with optional start and mandatory time-out actions. In other words, you can create a timer that does something (or nothing) when you start it, then waits a predetermined time before doing something else. While it's waiting, it doesn't lock up your Arudino the way the delay() function does -- it just schedules the time-out action to take place some time in the future.

The time-out and start actions are specified as function pointers with no parameters and no return value. This is way less scary than it seems as you can see from the examples.

In your code, the loop() function needs poll the timer object's checkExpiration() method. An AsyncTimer doesn't start automatically. To start the timer, you need to execute the the start() method. If you want to cancel the timer without running the time-out action, you can kill() it.