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Building libCosm

Type build help and follow the directions. Then run src/textlib.exe. Platform specific notes are below.

Porting Cosm

Cosm is designed to port to any machine with a 32bit CPU or better.

  1. Copy the TEMPLATE makefile in make/ to the correctly named os-cpu file. Edit the makefile for your platform.
  2. Type build os-cpu in the main dir.
  3. Read through all CPU/OS layer files, port any code that doesn't compile, taking care not to break any other platforms.
  4. Run src/testlib.exe and fix any detected faults.
  5. Add any building notes to this file.

CPU/OS Layer

The CPU/OS Layer consists of

cputypes.h   os_io.c      os_math.h    os_net.c     os_task.h
os_file.c    os_io.h      os_mem.c     os_net.h
os_file.h    os_math.c    os_mem.h     os_task.c

These are the only files in Cosm that need to be ported to new platforms. Once they are ported and the proper makefile is made, all other functions should compile cleanly. Outside of these files NO platform specific functions should be used, only the ones in the Cosm interface. In this way all future code will require no porting.

Utility Layer

Everything else in /src (not in subdirectories) is the Utility later. Code that is built on top of the CPU/OS layer, and part of the core Cosm library.

2nd Party and 3rd Party Libraries

"2nd party" libraries are other software packages included in libCosm and whose headers get installed as part of the default install. They are subdirectories in the /src directory. 3rd party libraries are added after Cosm is installed, but are configured to be API and directory layout compatible with Cosm when installed.

Platform Specific Notes


Most glibc based systems will have support for threads (libpthread) however, most older libc5 and, older still, libc4 systems will most likely not have thread support. You will need to install the linuxthreads package.


The win32-x86-msvc makefile now works, but you will need a couple helper applications beyond just nmake. rm.exe, and strip.exe are needed from the cygwin tools. You also have to manually do what build does for now, copy make\win32-x86-msvc Makefile.cosm and the install to \usr\local*. The sub-makefiles also need to have the "-L" changed to "/LIBPATH:" and the "-lCosm" to "libCosm.a". We'll have a perl script for that change soon.

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