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Mini slideshow for the jQuery library

Fadeshow is a very minimal slideshow implementation which uses fading for the transitions between slides. Due to its simplicity, it has a very limited set of functionality, but feel free to extend or modify it to suit your needs.


To use this code, include fadeshow.js and fadeshow.css to your web page. If you use SASS and/or Compass, you can use fadeshow.scss directly.

Note that Fadeshow depends on jQuery, so make sure you have jQuery included in your web page prior to including fadeshow.js.

After including the aforementioned assets, you can use the following code to embed a fading slideshow in your page:

<ul class="fadeshow">
    <li class="active"><img src="first-image.jpg" alt="First image" /></li>
    <li><img src="second-image.jpg" alt="Second image" /></li>
    <li><img src="third-image.jpg" alt="Third image" /></li>

Bugs and feature-requests

Please use the Github issue tracker for this project.


Please use the "Send Pull Request" functionality of Github, if you wish to send me some patches.


Thanks to the great jQuery library.


Released under the MIT license.

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