NewsPix is a suite of apps by Matt Carroll, Catherine D'Ignazio and Jay Vachon that drive engagement in local news through pictures and visualizations. Our first app is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that delivers breaking news to the new tab window of a desktop user's browser.
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NewsPix Beta


A news engagement project with the Future of News Initiative (Matt Carroll) and the Emerson Engagement Lab (@kanarinka, @jayvachon).


1. Clone the repository:

git clone

2. Install dependencies

  • MongoDB (It is easiest to install this using Homebrew)
  • Use pip to install the following packages:
pip install Flask
pip install pymongo
pip install virtualenv
pip install requests
pip install flask-cors
pip install flask-login
pip install Pillow

3. Create app.config file

Navigate to Newspix/www, copy the contents of app.config.template, create a new file (in the same directory) called app.config and paste the contents of app.config.template into it. The app.config file should look like this:

admin_username: (your admin username e.g. newspix)
admin_password: (your password e.g. mypassword)

db: (database name eg mydatabase)
host: (your host url)
user: (database username if any)
pass: (database password if any)
name: (organization name)
port: 27017

Run locally

1. In Terminal, navigate to the NewsPix server directory:

cd NewsPix/www

2. Start a local server:

source venv/bin/activate

3. Open Chrome

  1. Use the URL bar to go to chrome://extensions
  2. Click Load unpacked extension...
  3. Select NewsPix/extension

4. Open the admin panel at and add some stories

5. Open a new tab - you should see a random story!