How To Use OpenLaw

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Tool Page for OpenLaw:

Dazza Greenwood explores OpenLaw with Michael Chan of ConsenSys

How-To Video for hackathon participants to quickly pickup and use this tool:

With these OpenLaw tools by ConsenSys, Artists now have a way to issue content licenses, split and sell ownership rights automatically, without any central authority/or centralized cloud computing platforms.

In the demo, an Artist can upload a piece of digital art and create an NFT. Once, the NFT is created, an Artist can subdivide the NFT into any number of ownership and/or licenses out of the NFT. These licenses are then purchased through an OpenLaw powered agreement. Using the OpenLaw smart contracts, we can model out automatically enforceable property rights, royalty payments, licensing, resale rights, etc.

The technical documentation is still being built out, but OpenLaw has their testnet available now at: OpenLaw also has quite a bit of writing on it on their Medium page here:

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