How To Use RChain

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Tool Page for RChain:

Dazza Greenwood explores Rsong with Kayvan Kazeminejad, Software Development Engineer and several others from the RChain Cooperative in this "How-To" Video for Hackathon participants:

Learn about the robust and scalable RSong architecture as Kayvan explains how the immersive audio data is being moved on-chain to run on RNode.

RSong is available on play store for Android users. iPhone users should contact Greg Meredith or Kayvan on Discord for an invitation.

See details about RSong proxy and RSong acquisition.

For a general overview, see:


Direct link to video:

Kayvan of RSong provides an overview and some context of what RSong is good for (and key architectural / design elements) and also what is out of scope! This is fodder for participants in the Open Media Legal Hack (at and the greater RSong and RChain communities too. Also it's for YOU!

screen shot 2018-10-25 at 6 05 18 pm
  • Click HERE to see the video

For more info, see:

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