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Dazza Greenwood explores Blackstone with Anjlee Khurana, Legal Engineer of Monax

How-To Video for hackathon participants to quickly pickup and use this tool:

Monax, a leader in open-source blockchain technology, recently released the Blackstone project which comprises a business process engine written entirely in Solidity smart contract language as well as a high-level RESTful API. This extensive release includes over 19,000 lines of solidity code, including a BPM engine and 13,000 lines of documentation. Blackstone is the culmination of four years of work focused on advancing blockchain technology for businesses. Happy building!

For a more detailed discussion on the components of the Monax stack, of which the BPM is at the centre, see this recent blog post. To dive in further, this blog gives a working diagrammed example of a business process model for a sale of goods contract workflow. We have also written extensively on combining BPM and blockchain tech in a recent Hyperledger guest blog. For more information on Blackstone, check out this announcement.

Anjlee Khurana, Legal Engineer of Monax


Anjlee is Monax's Legal Engineer, working alongside our CCO on the Legal Engineering team. She's responsible for product-market fit and a range of other areas on the LE side of things. Before joining Monax, Anjlee spent over a decade as an entertainment attorney, representing clients at both ends of the spectrum: from high-profile celebrities to those attempting new business models to save a rapidly shrinking industry. In addition, she volunteers her time to support artist-related causes.

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