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I have an HTTPS service running on and I want to setup mitmproxy to forward requests to it in reverse proxy mode. I am running:

$ mitmproxy -e -P

When I try to access https://localhost:8080 I am getting the following error in the event log: connect 400: Bad HTTP request line:
'\x16\x03\x01\x00\xf3\x01\x00\x00\xef\x03\x02Q\xeb\xfa8!\xa3qo\xd7\xf1\xd6\xc7\xea\x0c\xf7\xf9\xeaB\xf56f\x0e\x02&\xa3\x17s.\x90\x81\xca\x8c\x00\x00j\xc0\x14\xc0\n' disconnect

Does mitmproxy support HTTPS in reverse proxy mode? Thanks.

mhils commented Jul 21, 2013


mitmproxy should be able to connect to an HTTPS server in the backend. However, it just serves as a basic HTTP server itself (1).



Hi Max,

Unfortunately this is not what I need. Here is the whole usecase:

  1. I have an HTTPS web service running at
  2. I also have application that talks to the service which doesn't support HTTP(s) proxies
  3. I want to see the requests/responses exchanged by the application and the service.

This should be possible with reverse proxy mode, right? The problem is that mitmproxy starts an HTTP server in that mode but my application expects HTTPS.

I guess I need what cortesi described in this comment

cortesi commented Jul 23, 2013

Hi Radoslav. Yes, that's precisely what's needed. This is on the todo list, but I won't get to it immediately. Please let me know if you want to tackle implementing this - happy to help and answer questions.

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