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v0.18.1 (really v0.18)

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@cortesi cortesi released this 16 Oct 11:23
  • Python 3 Compatibility for mitmproxy and pathod (Shadab Zafar, GSoC 2016)
  • Major improvements to mitmweb (Clemens Brunner & Jason Hao, GSoC 2016)
  • Internal Core Refactor: Separation of most features into isolated Addons
  • Initial Support for WebSockets
  • Improved HTTP/2 Support
  • Reverse Proxy Mode now automatically adjusts host headers and TLS Server Name Indication
  • Improved HAR export
  • Improved export functionality for curl, python code, raw http etc.
  • Flow URLs are now truncated in the console for better visibility
  • New filters for TCP, HTTP and marked flows.
  • Mitmproxy now handles comma-separated Cookie headers
  • Merge mitmproxy and pathod documentation
  • Mitmdump now sanitizes its console output to not include control characters
  • Improved message body handling for HTTP messages:
    • .raw_content provides the message body as seen on the wire
    • .content provides the decompressed body (e.g. un-gzipped)
    • .text provides the body decompressed and decoded body
  • New HTTP Message getters/setters for cookies and form contents.
  • Add ability to view only marked flows in mitmproxy
  • Improved Script Reloader (Always use polling, watch for whole directory)
  • Use tox for testing
  • Unicode support for tnetstrings
  • Add dumpfile converters for mitmproxy versions 0.11 and 0.12
  • Numerous bugfixes