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@Kriechi Kriechi released this 01 Nov 14:55

Check out our release announcement blog post! 馃帀 馃敆

  • Support for Python 3.9 (@mhils)
  • Add MsgPack content viewer (@tasn)
  • Use @charset to decode CSS files if available (@Prinzhorn)
  • Fix links to anticache docs in mitmweb and use HTTPS for links to documentation (@rugk)
  • Updated typing for WebsocketMessage.content (@Prinzhorn)
  • Add option console_strip_trailing_newlines, and no longer strip trailing newlines by default (@capt8bit)
  • Prevent transparent mode from connecting to itself in the basic cases (@Prinzhorn)
  • Display HTTP trailers in mitmweb (@sanlengjingvv)
  • Revamp onboarding app (@mhils)
  • Add ASGI support for embedded apps (@mhils)
  • Updated raw exports to not remove headers (@wchasekelley)
  • Fix file unlinking before external viewer finishes loading (@wchasekelley)
  • Add --cert-passphrase command line argument (@mirosyn)
  • Add interactive tutorials to the documentation (@mplattner)
  • Support deflateRaw for Content-Encoding's (@kjoconnor)
  • Fix broken requests without body on HTTP/2 (@Kriechi)
  • Add support for sending (but not parsing) HTTP Trailers to the HTTP/1.1 protocol (@bburky)
  • Add support to echo http trailers in dumper addon (@shiv6146)
  • Fix OpenSSL requiring different CN for root and leaf certificates (@mhils)
  • ... and various other fixes, documentation improvements, dependency version bumps, etc.

You can find the latest release packages at