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# inline script examples             Simple script that just adds a header to every request.  Dynamically change the upstream proxy           Use mitmproxy in a DNS spoofing scenario.         Duplicates each request, changes it, and then replays the modified request.                   Use mitmproxy's filter expressions in your script.             Only write selected flows into a mitmproxy dumpfile.        Inject configurable iframe into pages.            Modify all form submissions to add a parameter.     Modify all query strings to add a parameters.   Replace arbitrary strings in all responses            Demonstrate parallel processing with a blocking script.                How to embed a WSGI app in a mitmproxy server      Redirect requests or directly reply to them.                   Script stub with a method definition for every event.       Rewrites traffic to turn images upside down.

# libmproxy examples
flowbasic                 Basic use of mitmproxy as a library.
stickycookies             An example of writing a custom proxy with libmproxy.

# misc
read_dumpfile             Read a dumpfile generated by mitmproxy.       Bracket mitmproxy run with proxy enable/disable on OS X
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