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Release History

Unreleased: pdoc next

  • Add support for rendering Mermaid diagrams by passing --mermaid. (#525, @thearchitector, @mhils)
  • Add additional Jinja2 blocks to allow a more fine-grained customization of the menu. (#521, @mikkelakromann)
  • Fix a crash in pdoc 13.0.0 when is passed as a file to pdoc. (#522, @mhils)

2023-02-19: pdoc 13.0.0

  • pdoc now skips constructors if they neither have a docstring nor any parameters. This improves display of classes that are not meant to be instantiated manually, for example when using PyO3. (#510, @mhils)
  • Automatically fold a variable's default value if it exceeds 100 characters. Feedback on this cutoff is welcome! (#511, @mhils)
  • Add a workaround to support inherited TypedDicts. (#504, @mhils)
  • Variable.default_value_str does not include the = prefix anymore. It will now emit a warning and return an empty string if repr(value) crashes. (#510, @mhils)
  • Fix a CSS issue where the lower half of the navigation toggle would be unresponsive on mobile. (#510, @mhils)

2023-01-06: pdoc 12.3.1

  • Switch from to pyproject.toml for pdoc itself. Please file an issue if that causes any problems. (#474, @mhils)
  • Fix broken links for inherited methods if both parent and subclass have the same name. (#493, @mhils)
  • "Parameters", "Params" and "Arguments" are now also accepted as headings for argument lists in Google-style docstrings. (#489, @ntamas)

2022-11-15: pdoc 12.3.0

  • Docstrings can now include local images which will be embedded into the page, e.g. ![image](./image.png). (#282, @mhils)
  • Fix a bug in parsing Google-style docstrings with extraneous whitespace. (#459, @vsajip, @mhils)
  • pdoc.doc.Doc.members now includes variables without type annotation and docstring. They continue to not be documented in the default HTML template. (#107, @mhils)
  • Improve the conversion of reStructuredText to Markdown for function and method references. (#463, @vsajip)
  • Static class attributes that point to a class are now rendered as variables, not as separate classes. (#465, @mhils)

2022-11-10: pdoc 12.2.2

  • Fix a CSS issue for overflowing math equations. (#456, @mhils)
  • Fix a regression from pdoc 12.2: Enum members are now always documented even if they do not have a docstring. (#457, @mhils)

2022-11-05: pdoc 12.2.1

  • Fix handling of type annotations in nested classes. (#440, @mhils)
  • Doc.type is now Doc.kind to avoid confusion with builtins.type.
  • The new PDOC_ALLOW_EXEC environment variable provides an escape hatch for modules that cannot be imported without executing subprocesses. (#450, @mhils)

2022-09-20: pdoc 12.2.0

  • Make documentation of variables more consistent. Variables with a default value and no docstring are now hidden, matching the behavior of variables with a type annotation only. (#411, @mhils)
  • Remove format argument from pdoc.pdoc(). For the forseeable future, pdoc will only support HTML export. (#308, @mhils)
  • Update vendored copy of markdown2. (#429, @mhils)
  • Fix "View Source" button when a function has the same name as the module it is in. (#431, @mhils)
  • Improve display of dataclasses. (#411, @mhils)
  • Do not execute or document files. __main__ submodules can still be documented by explicitly passing them when invoking pdoc. (#438, @mhils)

2022-06-08: pdoc 12.1.0

  • Add compatibility with Python 3.11 (#394, @mhils)
  • Make sure that docstrings are picked up for functions that have been turned into non-function objects by decorators. (#416, @jeamland)
  • Update vendored copy of markdown2. (#421, @mhils)
  • Apply syntax highlighting to search results as well. (@mhils)
  • Fix display of @classmethod @property instances without docstrings. (@mhils)
  • Add support for @functools.singledispatchmethod. (#428, @mhils)
  • pdoc now terminates if a module cannot be imported instead of raising a warning. You may need to preemptively exclude submodules that fail to import anyway. (#407, @mhils)
  • Fix compatibility with GitPython. (#430, @mhils)

2022-06-08: pdoc 12.0.2

  • Extend auto-linking of URLs in Markdown. (#401, @mhils)
  • Mention which implementation of Markdown is supported, with what extras enabled (#403, @f3ndot)
  • Fix a bug where function signatures had weird line breaks. (#404, @mhils)
  • Exclude line numbers from text selection. (#405, @mhils)

2022-06-03: pdoc 12.0.1

  • Fix linking of some function return annotations.
  • Refine rendering of function signatures. Syntax errors are now handled more gracefully.
  • Gracefully handle the case when users specify objects instead of strings in __all__.

2022-05-15: pdoc 12.0.0

  • Improve rendering of function signatures. Annotations are now syntax-highlighted!
  • Change the implementation of View Source to not use an HTML <details> element. Recent versions of Chrome started to auto-expand source code blocks on search, which made it difficult to search in docstrings.
  • Line numbers now start at 1, not at 0.
  • The aforementioned template improvements may require minor adjustments to custom templates. Users who do not use custom templates are unaffected.
    • Users who customized the view_source macro: This macro has been split into three smaller macros, please check module.html.jinja2. This change was necessary to make sure that the button does not overflow function signatures.
    • Users who customized the member, class, function, submodule or variable macros: Common parts have been combined in the member macro, please check module.html.jinja2.
  • Fix: Hide the nav menu checkbox in Firefox.

2022-05-04: pdoc 11.2.0

  • pdoc now picks up type annotations from .pyi stub files (PEP-561). This greatly improves support for native modules where no Python source code is available, for example when using PyO3. (#390, @mhils)
  • Template Style Improvements: The size of headings within docstrings has been reduced. Docstrings are now slightly indented on wide screens. (#383, @jacksund and @mhils)
  • Improve rendering of typing.TypedDict subclasses. (#389, @mhils)

2022-04-24: pdoc 11.1.0

  • Display line numbers when viewing source code. (#328, @mhils)
  • Fix catastrophic backtracking in a markdown2 regex that processes pyshell examples. (#376, @Andrew-Sheridan and @mhils)
  • pdoc now uses the submodule name in the rendered sidebar, rather than the full import path. (#374, @jacksund)
  • Fix a bug where explicit links were rendered incorrectly. (#382, @mhils)
  • Fix compatibility with Pygments 2.12. (#384, @mhils)

2022-04-06: pdoc 11.0.0

  • pdoc now picks up reStructuredText syntax in docstrings by default. We still prefer plain Markdown, but this change makes it possible to seamlessly include directives like .. include:: or admonitions, which have no Markdown equivalent. reStructuredText processing can be disabled by explicitly setting the docstring format to Markdown. (#373, @mhils)
  • pdoc's documentation has been revised, it now also includes a simple recipe for using pdoc with GitHub Pages . (#373, @mhils)
  • Improve display of reStructuredText admonitions. (#372, @mhils)
  • Add support for reStructuredText field lists: :param foo: text. (#275, @mhils)

2022-03-23: pdoc 10.0.4

  • Include typing.TypeVar variables in documentation if they have an explicit docstring. (#361, @ktbarrett)
  • Make sure that new-style type aliases like dict[str,str] are rendered like their old-style typing.Dict[str,str] equivalents. (#363, @hriebl)
  • Fix a bug in markdown2 where code snippets interfere with latex expressions (#340, @Crozzers)

2022-03-08: pdoc 10.0.3

2022-03-01: pdoc 10.0.2

  • When determining the docstring for a constructor, prefer Class.__init__.__doc__ over Metaclass.__call__.__doc__ over Class.__new__.__doc__. (#352, @denised)
  • Improve linking of classes that are re-exported in a common top-level namespace.
  • Make it more clear that Markdown ist the default docformat. (@Dliwk)
  • Fix compatiblity with code using ctypes.util.find_library. (#358, @bubalis)

2022-02-14: pdoc 10.0.1

  • Fix a bug where pdoc would crash after executing TYPE_CHECKING blocks. (#351, @Dliwk)
  • Add ability to specify custom CSS rules in custom.css. The migration instructions in the 10.0.0 changelog entry have been updated accordingly.

2022-02-14: pdoc 10.0.0

  • Template improvements may require minor adjustments to custom templates. Users who do not use custom templates are unaffected. (#346)
    • Users who embed pdoc's output into other systems: The main layout (sidebar/content) is now part of frame.html.jinja2 instead of module.html.jinja2. This allows index.html.jinja2 to cleanly extend frame.html.jinja2 instead of patching module.html.jinja2. See examples/mkdocs for an updated example. If you defined a custom {% block nav %} block, you need to remove the outermost <nav> element, which is now part of the frame around it.
    • Users who customized pdoc's CSS: CSS style definitions moved from module.html.jinja2 into individual CSS files, namely theme.css, layout.css, and content.css. You can now either provide replacements for these files, or specify additional CSS rules in custom.css. The existing Jinja2 blocks style_pdoc, style_theme, style_layout, style_content are being deprecated, see frame.html.jinja2 for details.
    • Users who customized syntax-highlighting.css: pdoc now consistently uses .pdoc-code instead of .pdoc or .codehilite for syntax highlighting. .codehilite is being deprecated but will continue to work, giving custom templates time to migrate.
  • A new --favicon option can be used to specify a favicon. The existing embedded default favicon has been removed to reduce page size. (#345)
  • Submodules that are mentioned in __all__ are not listed as part of the module contents anymore. Instead, they are listed in the navigation. This now matches the behavior as if __all__ were not specified. If this affects you, please leave feedback in #341. The old behavior can be temporarily restored by setting PDOC_SUBMODULES=1 as an environment variable while we gather feedback.
  • In line with the above change, pdoc.doc.Module.members does not contain submodules anymore unless PDOC_SUBMODULES=1 is set. API users are advised to use pdoc.doc.Module.submodules.
  • Add a better warning message if users use X | Y-style type annotations (PEP 604) on older Python versions which do not support them.
  • Always defuse insecure repr() calls to also cover customized templates.
  • Improve overly greedy linking of identifiers (#342)
  • Include py.typed file in wheel distributions.

2022-01-26: pdoc 9.0.1

  • Emit a deprecation warning if custom templates attempt to include assets that were removed from or moved within pdoc.
  • Improve representation of default values.
  • On mobile devices, scroll the menu into view when the hamburger menu button is clicked.
  • On mobile devices, restrict the width of the search bar to avoid overflowing into the menu button.

2022-01-24: pdoc 9.0.0

  • Breaking: For projects that only document a single module (and its submodules), the module index has been removed. index.html now redirects to the top-level module instead. Direct submodules continue to be accessible in the menu. See #318 for details.
  • Moved template assets (SVG, CSS, JS) into a resources/ subdirectory in the template folder.
    Custom templates may need to adjust their paths if they reference these files.
  • pdoc web server now picks a random port if 8080 is unavailable and no explicit port has been passed.
  • Improve search tokenization to better match on function arguments.
  • The "Edit on GitHub" button now says "Edit on GitLab" if it points to GitLab, or "Edit Source" if neither platform is used.
  • The all_modules variable now allows templates to access all other module objects.
  • Add pdoc.doc.Module.from_name to simplify module creation.
  • Do not linkify identifiers that are already manually linked.
  • Hide modules in the submodule list if the were explicitly excluded from documentation.
  • When importing local file paths, always make sure that the directory is at the front of sys.path.
  • Improve evaluation of type annotations.

2022-01-14: pdoc 8.3.0

  • The search functionality now also covers function parameters, annotated types, default values, and base classes.
  • Work around a Blink renderer bug to make sure that arguments are clickable and the small "expand" triangle is displayed next to the View Source button.
  • Add negated module specs to exclude specific (sub)modules. For example, pdoc foo ! documents foo and all submodules of foo except
  • Only display headings up to a depth of 2 in the table of contents for module docstrings.

2022-01-05: pdoc 8.2.0

  • Improve rendering of warnings emitted by pdoc.
  • Improve search quality by disabling the word stemmer.
  • Fix a bug where the search bar on the index page did not work if only a single module was documented.
  • Add a warning when multiple modules with the same name are added from different paths.

2021-12-28: pdoc 8.1.0

  • Add CSS styling for Markdown tables. (@sitic)
  • Prefer epydoc-style docstrings after variable assignments over the variable's __doc__.
  • Improve error message on search index compilation failures.

2021-10-29: pdoc 8.0.1

  • Fix an edge case where class annotations were not evaluated properly.
  • Improve error messages for invalid type hints.
  • Fix module index when using pdoc's web server.

2021-09-19: pdoc 8.0.0

  • search.json -> search.js: Most of pdoc's search-related JavaScript code is now only fetched on demand, which improves page size and performance.
  • pdoc's search now works from file:// pages.
  • Improve display of (extension module) data descriptors.

2021-08-18: pdoc 7.4.0

  • Display error webpage for template errors.
  • When processing type hints, detect imports in TYPE_CHECKING blocks.
  • Add --no-search to disable search functionality.

2021-08-09: pdoc 7.3.1

  • Fix a bug where an empty footer was incorrectly emitted by the template.

2021-08-09: pdoc 7.3.0

  • Full compatibility with Python 3.10.
  • Many template customizations are now directly available as command line switches, for example:
    • --math
    • --logo
    • --no-show-source
    • --footer-text

2021-07-28: pdoc 7.2.0

  • Don't include variables/attributes that only have a type annotation but no value and no docstring. If one wants to document a variable, a docstring should be added.
  • Templating: render_docstring is split into to_markdown and to_html to increase customizability.
  • Fix hot-reloading of included Markdown files.
  • Allow Google docstring section headers to contain spaces.
  • Fix formatting of Google docstrings that have multiple colons.
  • Fix a crash when importing a module from within its directory.

2021-06-11: pdoc 7.1.1

  • Do not show constructors for abstract base classes unless they have a custom docstring.
  • Fix math example to render formulae in search results.

2021-06-03: pdoc 7.1.0

  • Invoking pdoc without any arguments now asks the user to specify module name instead of starting pdoc with all available modules. The previous implementation had a poor user experience as building the search index took too long.
  • Improve documentation of pdoc.extract. pdoc.extract.parse_specs has been renamed to walk_specs, the old API now emits a deprecation warning.
  • Add pdoc.doc.Doc.source_lines to access where in a file an object is defined.
  • Fix a crash when importing asyncio on Windows on Python 3.7.

2021-05-30: pdoc 7.0.3

  • Do not show a search bar on the module page if only one module is documented. If the entire documentation is contained on a single HTML page, the browser's search functionality is just as good. Users can piggyback on their preexisting knowledge about the search semantics in this case.

2021-05-27: pdoc 7.0.2

  • Fix section indentation in Google-style docstrings.

2021-05-21: pdoc 7.0.1

  • Fix compatibility with older Jinja2 versions.
  • Fix basic compatibility with Python 3.10b1.

2021-05-12: pdoc 7.0.0

  • Add search functionality. pdoc now has a search bar which allows users to quickly find relevant parts in the documentation. See for details.
  • Redesign module list (index.html.jinja2).
  • Update Bootstrap to v5.0.0.
  • Do not fail if inspect.getdoc() raises.
  • Fix compatibility with Jinja2 3.0.0.

2021-04-30: pdoc 6.6.0

  • Jinja2 templates can now access system environment variables, for example to pass version information.

2021-04-29: pdoc 6.5.0

  • Add support for .. include:: directives to include external Markdown files.
  • Add word break points for long module and class names. (@jstriebel)

2021-04-21: pdoc 6.4.4

  • Fix a crash when inspect.signature returns incomplete source code.
  • Fix a crash when inspecting unhashable functions.

2021-04-11: pdoc 6.4.3

  • Fix a bug when dedenting multi-line decorators.
  • Make it easier to change the logo on the module index page.

2021-03-28: pdoc 6.4.2

  • Minor rendering improvements for enums and typing.NamedTuples.
  • pdoc now emits a warning when directory names conflict with modules already loaded by pdoc.
  • If a class is publicly reimported in the current module, pdoc now links to the reimported instance instead of the source location.

2021-03-19: pdoc 6.4.1

  • Private function decorators (those starting with "_") are now hidden by default. (@zmoon)
  • If pdoc is invoked with a name that is both an installed Python module and a local directory, notify the user that the installed module will be documented.
  • __doc__ is now not rendered as a variable, even if included in __all__.
  • Submodules are now internally assigned a qualname, which fixes broken anchor links.

2021-03-10: pdoc 6.4.0

  • Functions in the current scope can now be referenced without specifying the full qualified name. For example, one can use bar() instead of in the docstring of Foo.
  • Numpydoc: See Also sections are now parsed properly.
  • reStructuredText: Add support for footnotes and fix minor bugs.

2021-02-24: pdoc 6.3.2

  • Bugfix: Docstrings for data descriptors are now captured properly.
  • Add an example for math formula rendering.

2021-02-15: pdoc 6.3.1

  • Cosmetic improvements in default value rendering: object and function memory addresses are now stripped.
  • Accessibility Improvements

2021-02-14: pdoc 6.3.0

  • Respect __all__ when collecting submodules.
  • Correct wrong links in module index (@fweisser)
  • Emit more detailed error messages on import failure.

2021-02-12: pdoc 6.2.0

  • Improvement: Add syntax highlighting in ">>>" code block examples.
  • Bugfix: Module-level comments are not properly live-reloaded.

2021-02-12 pdoc 6.1.1

  • Bugfix: Don't eat underscores in numpy/Google-style docstrings.
  • Bugfix: Fix rendering of typing.NamedTuple.

2021-02-07 pdoc 6.1.0

  • Add compatibility for Python 3.7

2021-02-07 pdoc 6.0.0

  • Add dark mode theme (@Arkelis) pdoc's color scheme can now be customized with CSS variables. This may be a minor breaking change for users who have heavily customized their templates.
  • Docs: Add an example how to integrate pdoc with mkdocs.
  • Bugfix: pdoc now retains custom rendering configuration when it renders itself with live-reload.

2021-02-05 pdoc 5.0.0

  • Make it easier to embed pdoc into other systems: See for details. This change may be a minor breaking change for users using custom templates.
  • Generic class bases are now displayed fully. This may be a minor breaking change for users who customized class base output.
  • Add header anchors to documentation items.
  • Define all Jinja2 macros as {% defaultmacro %}, which makes them easier to override.
  • Parsing is not more robust if source code is unavailable.
  • Bugfix: Functions decorated with @classmethod now also inherit their docstring.
  • Bugfix: The "View Source" marker is now properly displayed in Firefox.

2021-02-01 pdoc 4.0.0

  • Improve how inherited members are detected. Doc.declared_at is superseded by Doc.taken_from, which is a relatively minor but breaking change in the Python API.
  • Bugfix: Don't link private members in the same module.
  • Improve error message when module live-reload fails.
  • Smaller favicon, improved CSS minification
  • Improve error message if module is not found.

2021-01-26 pdoc 3.0.1

  • Fix usage of --docformat.

2021-01-24 pdoc 3.0.0

  • Add support for alternative docstring flavors. Flavors can be enabled globally using --docformat or on a per-module basis using __docformat__ = "...".
  • Add support for Google docstrings.
  • Add basic support for Numpydoc and reStructuredText docstrings. The most common rST elements are supported, but we do not intend to support the full complexity of the spec.
  • Links within the current module now don't require the full qualified path.
  • Live-reloading is now more robust.
  • Improvements to the default theme.

2021-01-22: pdoc 2.0.0

  • Make it possible to selectively include private or exclude public members in templates.
    This comes with a breaking change: pdoc.doc.Namespace.members now includes private members.
  • Enhancement: Keep page position when live-reloading.
  • Enhancement: Don't show common server connection errors in the console.

2021-01-20: pdoc 1.1.0

  • pdoc now respects __all__ when listing submodules.

2021-01-19: pdoc 1.0.1

  • Test CI processes by shipping a quick patch release.
  • Bugfix: Don't crash on lambdas as class attributes.
  • Bugfix: Don't crash on comments between decorators.
  • Bugfix: Don't crash pdoc if a user's custom getattr implementation is crashing.
  • Bugfix: use inspect.unwrap instead of unwrapping manually.

2021-01-19: pdoc 1.0.0

This release features a major rewrite of pdoc, dropping compatibility with Python 2 and focusing on modern Python 3 only.

  • Added: First-class support for type annotations
  • Added: Simpler directory structure
  • Added: New responsive documentation theme
  • Added: New website and documentation
  • Added: 100% test coverage and CI
  • Use Jinja2 instead of mako.
  • Removed: Support for __pdoc__, which is rarely required when following modern Python standards. This feature may return depending on user feedback.
  • Removed: Markdown output. The project now focuses on HTML documentation. PRs to re-add markdown support will be gladly accepted.

pdoc is now maintained by @mhils and the rest of the mitmproxy team.

pdoc 0.3.2

  • Bugfix release.

pdoc 0.3.1

  • Source code is extracted from wrapped if it exists, and then falls back to inspect.getsourcelines. This reverses the behavior implemented in #6.
  • Fix Python 2.6 compatibility by requiring Markdown < 2.5 (#19). Markdown 2.5 dropped support for Python 2.6.
  • Get rid of tabs that sneaked in from #17.
  • Fix pep8 violations.

pdoc 0.3.0

  • Major HTML face lift. Kudos to @knadh! (PR: #17)

pdoc 0.2.4

  • Fixed bug in HTTP server that was referencing a non-existent variable.

pdoc 0.2.3

  • Fixed #10 (the --template-dir flag now works).

pdoc 0.2.2

  • Fixes #7 by ignoring module loaders that lack a 'path' attribute.

pdoc 0.2.1

  • Fixes #5 by trying to find source for decorated functions. (@austin1howard)

pdoc 0.2.0

  • Fix issue #2 by making pdoc a package instead of a module. The templates are now included as package_data, which seems to be more portable (its final location is more predictable).

pdoc 0.1.8

  • pdoc now interprets __pdoc__[key] = None as an explicit way to hide key from the public interface of its module.

pdoc 0.1.7

  • Removed new from the public interface. I think init is sufficient.

pdoc 0.1.6

  • Fixed bug #1.

pdoc 0.1.5

  • Fixed a bug with an improper use of getattr.
  • Made pdoc aware of slots. (Every identifier in slots is automatically interpreted as an instance variable.)

pdoc 0.1.4

  • Fixed bug where getargspec wasn't being used in Python 2.x.

pdoc 0.1.3

  • Avoid a FQDN lookup.

pdoc 0.1.2

  • A few doco touchups.
  • Fixed a bug in Py3K. Use getfullargspec when available.

pdoc 0.1.1

  • Documentation touch ups.
  • Removed unused command line flags.

pdoc 0.1.0

First public release.