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Graphical version of cowsay using the GraphTerm API

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cowsay ASCII art

gcowsay Graphic art

gcowsay is a simple, self-contained implementation of cowsay using the GraphTerm API. It has no direct dependence on the GraphTerm code, relying instead on escape sequences to access GraphTerm.

For more on cowsay, see

For more on GraphTerm, see

Usage: gcowsay [options] word1 word2 ...
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-f, --fullwindow      Fullwindow display
--fullpage            Fullpage display
--popup               Display popup
-t, --text            Plain text (ASCII) display
-w WIDTH, --width=WIDTH    Width for ASCII display (default: 40)
--think               cowthink, instead of cowsay
--wait                Wait, do not quit after display
-i IMAGE, --image=IMAGE    Alternate image file

Sample screenshot of gcowsay in action within GraphTerm:
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