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# "Metro" style demo of GraphTerm features
# Create 3x3 frames, with borders and 240px row height, to display six terminals
gframe -c 3 -b -r 240 -t tweetwin weatherwin slidewin cloudwin matplotwin notewin
sleep 5
# Tweet stream, fullscreen, search for keyword "science"
gsh -c tweetwin gtweet -f -s science
# Display weather for Austin (using Yahoo weather API)
gsh -c weatherwin yweather -f austin
# Looping slide show using reveal.js
gsh -c slidewin greveal -l -t 2500 '$GTERM_DIR/examples/' '|' gframe -f
# Generate and display wordcloud using d3.js
gsh -c cloudwin d3cloud '$GTERM_DIR/bin/d3cloud' '|' gframe -f
# Draw snowflakes using inline SVG
gsh -c matplotwin sleep 4
gsh matplotwin
gsh matplotwin sleep 4
# Animate inline matplotlib graph in the same window
gsh matplotwin --animate
# Start a notebook
gsh -c notewin python -i '$GTERM_DIR/bin/' '$GTERM_DIR/notebooks/SineWave.ipynb'