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GraphTerm Screenshots

1   ls vs. gls

Comparing plain vanilla ls command and the graphterm-aware gls. The icons and the blue filenames are clickable. (The icon display is optional, and may be disabled.)

2   stars3d theme, with icons enabled

Showing output of the cat episode4.txt command below the output of the gls command, using the 3D perspective theme. This is actually a working theme, although it is meant for primarily for "show". Scrolling through a large text file using the vi editor in this theme gives a nice roller coaster effect! (This screenshot was captured with Google Chrome running on Mac OS X Lion, which supports hidden scrollbars. On other software platforms, the scrollbar will be visible.)

3   Graphical weather forecast (using Google Weather API)

Showing the screen for the command gweather College Station to illustrate inline HTML display. If the location is omitted, a HTML form will be displayed to enter the location name.

4   Text editing (emacs)

Showing the screen for the command emacs to illustrate backwards compatibility with the traditional terminal interface.

5   Graphical code editing using a "cloud" editor

Showing the screen for the command gvi to illustrate graphical editing using the Cloud9 editor (ACE).

6   Collapsed mode

Showing the screen when all command output is collapsed. Clicking on any of the underlined prompts will display the command output. Also note the Bottom menubar, which is enabled by clicking on the last prompt. Clicking on Control and then any of the prompts will cause the corresponding command to be pasted.

7   Split scrolling

Showing the split-screen scrolling mode, where the command line is anchored at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on gls output will paste filenames into the command line.

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