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106 docs/Troubleshooting.rst
@@ -0,0 +1,106 @@
+GraphTerm Troubleshooting
+.. sectnum::
+.. contents::
+I get the error message "bash: ... gls: Permission denied" on the terminal?
+The ``sudo easy_install ...`` command does not set the execute permission for
+commands like ``gls``. You need to execute the command ``sudo gterm_setup``
+after installation to set the permissions. (The ``python
+install`` command automatically sets permissions.)
+I get the error message "bash: gls: No such file or directory" on the terminal?
+The environment variable ``GRAPHTERM_DIR`` contains the directory
+where ``gls`` and other commands are located. GraphTerm tries to set
+the ``PATH`` variable to automatically include this directory. But
+sometimes this may fail, in which case you would need to modify you
+shell initialization files to include ``$GRAPHTERM_DIR`` in ``$PATH``.
+(The menu command *Actions-.Export environment* may also help in this
+When I log into another computer using SSH from my GraphTerm window, why do many features no longer work?
+This is normal behavior. Many GraphTerm features only work on the
+computer that the ``gtermhost`` program is running on. By default, SSH is treated
+like any other program that accesses the terminal for
+input/output. However, you can use the *Actions-.Export environment*
+menu command to set shell environment variables on the remote computer
+to restore some, but not all, of GraphTerm features.
+How do I paste text?
+*Click on the cursor* before beginning the paste operation (on the command line,
+you will a box appear at the cursor location). Then use the
+browser's menu or a keyboard shortcut (like *Command/Control-V*) to
+paste the text.
+I'm running the GraphTerm server on a remote computer, but I'm unable to access it using my browser?
+Ensure that you have included the port number in the URL, e.g., ``http//``
+Also, ensure that any firewall on the server allows incoming
+connections to the default port 8900 .
+Can I run the GraphTerm server on port 80 (or 443)?
+You would need run the server as the root user, which is not recommended
+at this stage of GraphTerm development. A better way to achieve this is
+to redirect traffic from port 80 to port 8900. On a Linux server, this
+can be achieved by executing a single command (as root)::
+ iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to 8900
+Using GraphTerm on Windows
+Does GraphTerm work on Windows?
+The GraphTerm client should work on a Windows browser that supports Websockets,
+like the latest versions of Chrome/Firefox/Safari or IE10. The
+GraphTerm server is currently not supported on Windows. (Although the
+server is written in pure python, it needs access to the
+pseudo-terminal device that is only supported on Unix/Linux.)
+GraphTerm fails to load properly on Windows?
+Ensure that you are using a browser that supports Websockets, like the
+latest versions of Chrome/Firefox/Safari or IE10.
+Some Anti-virus programs block Websockets on the browser. You may need to
+turn them off, or allow access to the domain where the GraphTerm
+server is running.
+Using GraphTerm on the iPad
+How do I access the virtual keyboard on the iPad?
+*Tap the cursor* access the virtual keyboard on the iPad. If the
+command line ends up behind the keyboard, retract the keyboard
+and tap the cursor again.
1 graphterm/bin/ec2launch
@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ SecurityGroups = [
(ServerGroupName, "GraphTerm server group", [
GroupRule("tcp", "22", "22", "", None),
GroupRule("tcp", "80", "80", "", None),
+ GroupRule("tcp", "8888", "8888", "", None),
GroupRule("tcp", "8899", "8899", "", None if options.server_secret else HostGroupName),
15 graphterm/www/graphterm.js
@@ -2600,13 +2600,22 @@ $(window).unload(function() {
$(document).ready(function() {
- //LoadHandler();
- console.log("Ready");
if (!("WebSocket" in window)) {
$("body").text("This browser does not support the WebSocket interface that is required for GraphTerm to work. Please use another browser that supports it, such as the latest versions of Chrome/Firefox/Safari or IE10.");
return false;
+ try {
+ return GTReady();
+ } catch(err) {
+ $("body").text("Error in starting GraphTerm: "+err);
+ return false;
+ }
+function GTReady() {
+ console.log("GTReady");
+ //LoadHandler();
$(document).attr("title", window.location.pathname.substr(1));
if (gMobileDisplay) {
@@ -2650,4 +2659,4 @@ $(document).ready(function() {

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