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Commits on Sep 29, 2010
  1. - updated release to beta-03

    Anand Mitra committed Sep 29, 2010
  2. - if file is not mmapped do not divide write operations in 4K.

    Anand Mitra committed Sep 29, 2010
            Directly pass the buffer to zfs_write()
        - Bug fix #624: [zfs-nfs] ls on client machine hangs, deadlock on NFS server.
        - idented the NFS code
        - Put limit on number of hardlinks to a file (limit = UINT32_MAX)
        - Maintain the same hierarchy of lock.
Commits on Sep 23, 2010
  1. - copy to and from user buffer was incorrect in the read/write, fix t…

    Anand Mitra committed Sep 23, 2010
    …o handle
      page faults correctly.
    - partial fix to export filesystems
Commits on Sep 14, 2010
  1. Initial commit for the linux posix layer to github.

    Anand Mitra committed Sep 14, 2010