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2009-02-05 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.2
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c include/sys/kmem.h: Slab cache improvements:
- Implement kmem cache alignment.
- Implement slab ageing.
- Optimized slab packing algorithm.
- Fixed deadlock due to calling call kv_free() under the skc_lock.
- Added additional SPLAT test cases
- Performance optimizations
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c include/sys/kmem.h: Linux VM integration.
The Solaris global VM symbols minfree, desfree, lotsfree, needfree,
swapfs_minfree, swapfs_reserve, availrmem, freemem, and physmem are
now available and loosely integrating with the Linux VM. Some
tuning will undoubtably be needed and these tunables are available
in /proc/sys/kernel/spl/vm/* for this very reason.
* config/spl-build.m4: New configure checks needed when building
against 2.6.27+ kernels. More work is needed here.
* : Minor cleanup see the 'git log' for full details.
2009-01-21 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.1
* : Implement ksid_*, ddi_strto*, and system taskq functionality.
In addition, several other small Solaris compatibility changes
were made, see the 'git log' for full details.
2008-11-26 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.0 (Development now done with Git)
* : Imported SPL SVN repo in to Git Repo for core development.
2008-11-26 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.5
* : Include META file support.
2008-11-05 Jim Garlick <>
* : Add products.
* : Use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR to put autoconf products
in ./auotconf.
* : Use --copy to avoid symlinks, remove error
redirection, run aclocal before libtoolize.
2008-11-13 Brian Behlendorf <>
* include/sys/sunddi.h, modules/spl/spl-module.c : Removed default
udev support from sunddi implementation because it uses GPL-only
symbols. This support is optionally available for SPL consumers
if they define HAVE_GPL_ONLY_SYMBOLS and license their module as
GPL using the MODULE_LICENSE("GPL") macro.
2008-11-05 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.4
* : Coverity clean.
* : Patches from Ricardo M. Correia <>
applied with minor revisions:
2008-06-30 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.3
* : modules/sys/kmem-slab.c : Refined SPL slab to include
per-cpu caches, removed internal hash, other general
performance improvements. Much work remain but it's pretty
good for an initial implementation.
2008-06-13 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : modules/sys/kmem-slab.c : Re-implemented the slab to no
longer be based on the linux slab but to be it's own complete
implementation. The new slab behaves much more like the
Solaris slab than the Linux slab.
2008-06-04 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.2
* : Extensive improvements to the build system to detect kernel
API changes so we can flexibly build with a wider range of kernel
versions. The code has now been testing with the 2.6.18-32chaos
and kernels, however we should also be compatible
with other kernels in the range of 2.6.18-2.6.25.
2008-05-25 Brian Behlendorf <>
*, autoconf/* : Initial pass at resolving
API changes introduced by kernels newer than 2.6.18.
2008-05-21 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.1
* : License headers including URCL added for release.
2008-05-21 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.0
* Improved autotools support.
2008-04-26 Brian Behlendorf <>
* include/sys/mutex.h : Implemented a close approximation
of adaptive mutexes. These changes however required me to
export a new symbol from the kernel proper 'task_curr()'
which means we are now dependant on a patched kernel.
2008-04-24 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.2.1
* modules/spl/spl-proc.c : Add /proc/sys/spl/version.
2008-04-24 Herb Wartens <>
* include/sys/kmem.h : Make sure that when calling __vmem_alloc
that we do not have __GFP_ZERO set. Once the memory is allocated
then zero out the memory if __GFP_ZERO is passed to
2008-04-16 Herb Wartens <>
* modules/spl/spl-kmem.c : Make sure to disable interrupts
when necessary to avoid deadlocks. We were seeing the deadlock
when calling kmem_cache_generic_constructor() and then an interrupt
forced us to end up calling kmem_cache_generic_destructor()
which caused our deadlock.
2008-02-26 Brian Behlendorf <>
: Initial commit of the solaris porting layer (spl). Included
in addition to the source is an initial autoconf / configure
style build system.
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