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2010-05-21 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.9
* : Build system improvements:
- Added support for the 'make -s' silent build option.
- Allow spl_config.h to be included by dependent packages.
- Minor spec file updates.
Added standard header to source files which includes the copyright,
license, and author information. Additionally, updated the listed
top level files to the latest versions.
* module/spl/spl-debug.c: Debugging defaults adjusted. The default
log dump path is now /tmp/spl-log and panic on SBUG has been disabled.
* include/sys/processor.h, include/sys/systm.h, include/sys/types.h:
Added 3 missing typedefs processorid_t, pc_t, and index_t.
* include/sys/console.h: Added support for console_* functions().
* module/spl/spl-time.c: Updated gethrtime() to use the function
do_posix_clock_monotonic_gettime() as described in the comment.
* module/spl/spl-condvar.c: Added cv_wait_interruptible() function
as an extension to the existing condition variable ABI to enable
sleeping threads a way to cleanly handle signals in the kernel.
* module/spl/spl-debug.c: Dump log from current process as required.
* module/spl/spl-taskq.c: Assume TQ_SLEEP in taskq_dispatch() if
the caller does not specify, this is the Solaris default.
* module/spl/spl-vnode.c: Extend the vn_rdwr() implementation to
correctly handle the FAPPEND option.
* module/spl/spl-generic.c, module/spl/spl-vnode.c: Update
vn_set_pwd() to allow a kernal address as filename. This turns
out to be critical because spl_setup()->The vn_set_pwd("/") which
is called at module load time was failing with -EFAULT.
* include/sys/rwlock.h: Disable rw_tryupgrade() for kernels built
without CONFIG_RWSEM_GENERIC_SPINLOCK defined. The existing
implementation is not safe in this case and needs to be replaced
with a correct native per-arch implementation.
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c: Reduce maximum kmem based slab size.
Allowing MAX_ORDER-1 sized memory allocations while the system
is low on memory has been observed to result in deadlocks. Callers
should not be using the slab in this way but we should still handle
the case more cleanly.
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c: Remove kmem_set_warning() interface and
replace it with KM_NODEBUG flag which can be specific per allocation.
* module/splat/splat-kmem.c: Tweaked what the idea of a large object
is for the kmem:slab_large regression tests because failures were
observed for very large kmem objects in newer kernels.
* include/sys/rwlock.h, module/splat/splat-rwlock.c: The rwlock
implementation was simplified because failures were being observed
when using the non-generic implementation. This change leverages
the rwsem_is_locked() function instead of directly consulting the
rwsem internals which differ per-arch and per-kernel-version.
2010-03-11 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.8
* : Build system improvements:
- Remove Module.markers and Module.symver{s} in clean target.
- Improved kernel source detection when none specified.
- Fix RPM definitions for the unknown distro/installation.
* config/spl-build.m4: Linux 2.6.32 compat, SPL_AC_5ARGS_PROC_HANDLER
macro added to handle updated proc_handler () API.
* module/spl/spl-err.c: Fix panic() string, which was being used as a
format string, instead of an already-formatted string.
* /module/spl/spl-taskq.c: Optimize lowest outstanding taskqid
calculation in taskq_lowest_id(). The motivation for this change
was that I was observing as much as 10% of the total CPU time go
to waiting on the tq->tq_lock when the pending list was long.
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c: Strip __GFP_ZERO from kmalloc it is not
available for older kernels.
* module/spl/spl-proc.c: Add skc_flags and full header to
* module/spl/spl-generic.c: Correctly handle division on 32-bit RHEL5
systems by returning dividend.
* include/sys/rwlock.h: When using x86 specific rwsem correctly
intepret rwsem->count. Additionally check for changed guard macro
in 2.6.28+ for rwsem implementation
* module/splat/splat-vnode.c, module/splat/splat-kmem.c,
module/splat/splat-taskq.c: Several new tests were added to the
test suite and various bug fixes.
* include/asm/atomic_compat.h: Atomic64 compatibility for 32-bit
systems without kernel support.
* .gitignore: Added .gitignore files.
2009-11-20 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.7
* config/spl-build.m4: Linux 2.6.31 compat, SPL_AC_2ARGS_SET_FS_PWD
macro updated to explicitly include linux/fs_struct.h which was
dropped from linux/sched.h.
* include/linux/mm_compat.h: Linux 2.6.31 compat, use the macros
min_wmark_pages, low_wmark_pages, and high_wmark_pages which were
introduced. For older kernels a compability macro is used.
* include/sys/kmem.h: Linux 2.6.31 compat, the __GFP_NOFAIL flag
should no longer be used and it may disappear from the kernel at any
time. To handle this I have simply added *_nofail wrappers in the
kmem implementation which perform the retry for non-atomic allocations.
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c: Linux 2.6.31 compat, kmem cache alignment
fixes and cleanup. Always perform allocations for the kmem cache
using __get_free_pages() or __vmalloc() to ensure the returned
memory is page aligned. Also introduce helper functions which use
P2ROUNDUP_TYPE instead of P2ROUNDUP force all types to be explicit.
* include/sys/mutex.h: Add mutex_enter_nested() as wrapper for
mutex_lock_nested() to permit integration with the lock checker.
* include/sys/mutex.h: Always use the generic mutex_destroy().
* Ensure *.order and *.markers build products are
removed by distclean rule.
2009-11-02 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.6
* config/spl-build.m4: Cleanup --enable-debug-* configure options.
--enable-debug=<default no> generic debug support.
--enable-debug-kmem=<default yes> basic kmem and slab accounting.
--enable-debug-kmem-tracking=<default no> detailed kmem tracking.
--enable-debug-kstat removed option support always enabled.
--enable-debug-callb removed option which never did anything.
* module/spl/spl-atomic.c: Reimplemented atomic functions by
layering them on top of the Linux atomic functions. This improves
performance by removing the need for a global spinlock.
* module/spl/spl-debug.c: Rebase cmn_err on vcmn_err. Handle the
case where the message contains a leading ! which means only send
it to syslog. And suppress warnings for messages which do not end
in a '\n'.
* module/splat/splat-ctl.c: Update to use kobject_set_name() for
increased portability.
* module/spl/spl-generic.c: Set cwd to '/' for the task during
module load for SPL dependent modules. Under Solaris this is
the expected behavior, on a Linux system your cwd remains set
to whatever the tasks cwd was when loading a module.
* module/spl/spl-mutex.c: Reimplemented mutexs for improved
performance and cleaner integration with the Linux kernels built
in lock analyzer. As of 2.6.29 based kernels adaptive mutexs
are supported, for these newer kernels task_curr() does not need
to be exported. Finally, DEBUG_MUTEX support was dropped in
favor of more detailed kernel profiling which is now available.
* module/spl/spl-rwlock.c: Reimplemented rwlocks for improved
performance and cleaner integration with the Linux kernels built
in lock analyzer. Additionally, the rwlock regression tests were
improved to help validate correctness.
* Various spec file tweaks for the supported
distros: RHEL5, RHEL6, SLES10, SLES11, Chaos4, Fedora 11.
2009-08-04 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.5
* FC11 and SLES11 support: This includes all compatibility changes
to support 2.6.29 based kernels and the required build system
* module/spl/spl-module.c: Register a basic compat ioctl handler
for 32-bit user vs 64-bit kernel compatibility. This is the default
build environment for all 64-bit SLES systems.
* config/spl-build.m4: Check arch/default path when detecting kernel
objects under SLES. We still preferentially use arch/arch if
available but if that fails it is acceptable to use default.
* module/spl/spl-vnode.: Use HAVE_PATH_IN_NAMEIDATA compat macros
for maximum kernel compatibility.
* config/spl-build.m4: Remove LINUXINCLUDE from autoconf wrapper.
This breaks the 2.6.28+ kernels build system, all kernel build systems
at least post 2.6.16 will set this properly so we should not.
* include/sys/vmsystm.h, module/spl/spl-kmem.c: Perferentially use the
global_page_state() API when your kernel supports the required enums.
* include/sys/debug.h: Add ASSERTV macro to simplify removing
variables (the V in ASSERTV) which are only used in ASSERT().
* include/sys/debug.h: Disable stack overflow checking by default
when build with --enable-debug, modern kernels now provide this.
* patches/fc11-spl-export-symbols.patch: Recommended missing symbols
patch for FC11. This is not required for correct functionality but
it is recommended for individuals who are already patching the kernel.
* Additional Solaris API emulation:
* include/sys/taskq.h: Add basic taskq support for the flag
TASKQ_THREADS_CPU_PCT which is used to scale the number of threads
based on the number of online CPUs.
* include/sys/file.hi, module/spl/spl-generic.c: Add support for
fake ioctls which originate from the kernel instead of user space.
* include/sys/acl.h: Add ACE_ALL_PERMS ACL definition.
* include/sys/cred.h, module/splat/splat-cred.c: Add basic credential
support and splat regression tests.
* Bug fixes:
* include/sys/isa_defs.h: Add more endianess paranoia.
* module/spl/spl-time.c: Integer overflow after ~164 days.
* include/sys/debug.h: NULL dereference by tcd_for_each().
* module/splat/splat-kmem.c: Allow kmem or vmem based slabs for
slab_lock and slab_overcommit tests. This may still be an issue on
32-bit systems due to the small virtual address space.
* module/spl/spl-module.c: Positive Solaris ioctl return codes are
need to be negated for use by libc to ensure errno is set correctly.
2009-07-02 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.4
* : Generic distro friendly build system / packaging improvements
for rpm based distros including CHAOS, RHEL, Fedora, and SLES.
- Fully rebuildable source rpm for utils.
- Fully rebuildable source rpm for kernel modules.
- Binary rpm for utils. The utils in this package are compatible
with all spl-module rpms of the same version.
- Binary rpm containing the kernel modules for a specific kernel build.
The package name contains the kernel version and you should have one
of these packages installed to match every kernel on your system.
- Binary rpm containing development header and module symbols needed
for building additional kernel modules which are dependent on the
spl module.
* : Added SLES10 support. This includes all compatibility
changes to support 2.6.16 based kernels and the required
build system improvements.
* : Build System changes for SLES10:
- Exclude -obj when detecting installed kernel source.
- Detect -obj directory for out of tree kernel builds.
- Allow kernel build system to set CC to ensure -m64 is set properly.
This is an issue on 64-bit SLES systems which by default always
build 32-bit binaries (unlike RHEL/Fedora which default to 64-bit)
* : Configure Checks added for SLES10:
- div64_64() renamed to div64_u64() as of 2.6.26.
- global_page_state() fuction was introduced in 2.6.18 kernels.
The earlier 2.6.16 based SLES10 must not try and use it,
thankfully get_zone_counts() is still available.
- monotonic_clock() is unavailable __gethrtime() must perform the
HZ division as an 'unsigned long long' because the SPL only
implements __udivdi3(), and not __divdi3() for 'long long'
division on 32-bit arches.
- mutex_lock_nested() was introduced as part of the mutex
validator in 2.6.18, when it is unavailable it is safe to
fallback to using a plain mutex_lock().
- SLES specific API change to vfs_unlink() and vfs_rename() which
added a 'struct vfsmount *' argument. This was for something
called the linux-security-module, but it appears that it was
never adopted upstream.
- spl_device_create() correctly mapped to class_device_create()
for 2.6.13 to 2.6.17 based kernels, this is the preferred API.
- Prior to 2.6.17 there were no *_pgdat helper functions in
mm/mmzone.c. Instead for_each_zone() operated directly on
pgdat_list which may or may not have been exported depending on
how your kernel was compiled. A configure check was added to
determine if you have the helpers or not, and if the needed
symbols are exported. If they are not exported then they are
dynamically aquired at runtime by kallsyms_lookup_name().
* : Packaging changes for SLES10
- Properly honor --prefix in build system and rpm spec file.
- Add '--define require_kdir' to spec file to support building
rpms against kernel sources installed in non-default locations.
- Add '--define require_kobj' to spec file to support building
rpms against kernel object installed in non-default locations.
- Stop suppressing errors in script.
- Improved logic to detect missing kernel objects when they are
not located with the source. This is the common case for SLES
as well as in-tree chaos kernel builds and is done to simply
support for multiple arches.
- Moved spl-devel build products to /usr/src/spl-<version>, a
spl symlink is created to reference the last installed version.
- Allow checking for exported symbols in both Module.symvers
and Module.symvers. My stock SLES kernel ships an objects
directory with Module.symvers, yet produces a Module.symvers
in the local build directory.
* : Added powerpc64 support.
- Enable builds for powerpc64 ISA type.
- Add DIV_ROUND_UP and roundup macros if unavailable.
- Cast 64-bit values for %lld format string to (long long) to
quiet compile warning.
* module/splat/splat-ctl.c: Proper ioctl() 32/64-bit binary
compatibility. We need to ensure the ioctl data itself is always
packed the same for 32/64-bit binaries. Additionally, the correct
thing to do is encode this size in bytes as part of the command
using _IOC_SIZE().
* modules/spl/spl-kmem.c: Fixed a long standing bug in the debug
tracing. The tcd_for_each() macro expected a NULL to terminate
the trace_data[i] array but this was only ever true due to luck.
All trace_data[] iterators are now properly capped by TCD_TYPE_MAX.
* modules/spl/spl-kmem.c: To simplify debugging all symbols aquired
dynamically using spl_kallsyms_lookup_name() are initially poisoned
2009-03-20 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.3
*, * Build system update. This includes
resolving various build issues and adding support for the remaining
common build targets. Available targets now include:
- make all # Build everything
- make install # Install everything
- make clean # Clean up build products
- make distclean # Clean up everything
- make dist # Create package tarball
- make srpm # Create package source RPM
- make rpm # Create package binary RPMs
- make tags # Create ctags and etags for everything
Extra care was taken to ensure that the source RPMs are fully
rebuildable against Fedora/RHEL/Chaos kernels. To build binary
RPMs from the source RPM for your system simply run:
rpmbuild --rebuild spl-x.y.z-1.src.rpm
This will produce two binary RPMs with correct 'requires'
dependencies for your kernel. One will contain all zpl modules
and support utilities, the other is a devel package for compiling
additional kernel modules which are dependent on the spl.
spl-x.y.z-1_<kernel version>.x86_64.rpm
spl-devel-x.y.2-1_<kernel version>.x86_64.rpm
* : FC10 (linux- and i686 compatibility update. The
list of support platforms has been extended to include FC10
systems and x86 architectures. It should be noted that kernels
older the should work but have not have not been tested.
* Fix build issue preventing spl_config.h from being
cleanly included by dependent packages.
* module/spl/spl-taskq.c: Fix taskq_wait() not waiting bug.
* module/spl/spl-xdr.c: Add XDR implementation provided by Ricardo
Correia from Sun.
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c: Linux VM integration cleanup.
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c: Slab cache improvements and fixes.
* modules/splat/*: Include additional SPLAT regression tests.
* : Various bug fixes are more clearly detailed in the git
commit logs. For a detailed summary of changes post version
0.4.2 check the git commit logs.
git log -35
2009-02-05 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.2
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c include/sys/kmem.h: Slab cache improvements:
- Implement kmem cache alignment.
- Implement slab ageing.
- Optimized slab packing algorithm.
- Fixed deadlock due to calling call kv_free() under the skc_lock.
- Added additional SPLAT test cases
- Performance optimizations
* module/spl/spl-kmem.c include/sys/kmem.h: Linux VM integration.
The Solaris global VM symbols minfree, desfree, lotsfree, needfree,
swapfs_minfree, swapfs_reserve, availrmem, freemem, and physmem are
now available and loosely integrating with the Linux VM. Some
tuning will undoubtably be needed and these tunables are available
in /proc/sys/kernel/spl/vm/* for this very reason.
* config/spl-build.m4: New configure checks needed when building
against 2.6.27+ kernels. More work is needed here.
* : Minor cleanup see the 'git log' for full details.
2009-01-21 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.1
* : Implement ksid_*, ddi_strto*, and system taskq functionality.
In addition, several other small Solaris compatibility changes
were made, see the 'git log' for full details.
2008-11-26 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.4.0 (Development now done with Git)
* : Imported SPL SVN repo in to Git Repo for core development.
2008-11-26 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.5
* : Include META file support.
2008-11-05 Jim Garlick <>
* : Add products.
* : Use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR to put autograph products
in ./auotconf.
* : Use --copy to avoid symlinks, remove error
redirection, run aclocal before libtoolize.
2008-11-13 Brian Behlendorf <>
* include/sys/sunddi.h, modules/spl/spl-module.c : Removed default
udev support from sunddi implementation because it uses GPL-only
symbols. This support is optionally available for SPL consumers
if they define HAVE_GPL_ONLY_SYMBOLS and license their module as
GPL using the MODULE_LICENSE("GPL") macro.
2008-11-05 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.4
* : Coverity clean.
* : Patches from Ricardo M. Correia <>
applied with minor revisions:
2008-06-30 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.3
* : modules/sys/kmem-slab.c : Refined SPL slab to include
per-cpu caches, removed internal hash, other general
performance improvements. Much work remain but it's pretty
good for an initial implementation.
2008-06-13 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : modules/sys/kmem-slab.c : Re-implemented the slab to no
longer be based on the linux slab but to be it's own complete
implementation. The new slab behaves much more like the
Solaris slab than the Linux slab.
2008-06-04 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.2
* : Extensive improvements to the build system to detect kernel
API changes so we can flexibly build with a wider range of kernel
versions. The code has now been testing with the 2.6.18-32chaos
and kernels, however we should also be compatible
with other kernels in the range of 2.6.18-2.6.25.
2008-05-25 Brian Behlendorf <>
*, autoconf/* : Initial pass at resolving
API changes introduced by kernels newer than 2.6.18.
2008-05-21 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.1
* : License headers including URCL added for release.
2008-05-21 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.3.0
* Improved autotools support.
2008-04-26 Brian Behlendorf <>
* include/sys/mutex.h : Implemented a close approximation
of adaptive mutexes. These changes however required me to
export a new symbol from the kernel proper 'task_curr()'
which means we are now dependant on a patched kernel.
2008-04-24 Brian Behlendorf <>
* : Tag spl-0.2.1
* modules/spl/spl-proc.c : Add /proc/sys/spl/version.
2008-04-24 Herb Wartens <>
* include/sys/kmem.h : Make sure that when calling __vmem_alloc
that we do not have __GFP_ZERO set. Once the memory is allocated
then zero out the memory if __GFP_ZERO is passed to
2008-04-16 Herb Wartens <>
* modules/spl/spl-kmem.c : Make sure to disable interrupts
when necessary to avoid deadlocks. We were seeing the deadlock
when calling kmem_cache_generic_constructor() and then an interrupt
forced us to end up calling kmem_cache_generic_destructor()
which caused our deadlock.
2008-02-26 Brian Behlendorf <>
: Initial commit of the solaris porting layer (spl). Included
in addition to the source is an initial autoconf / configure
style build system.
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