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Functional programming extensions for JS. Lightweight replacement for Lodash.
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mitranim breaking: additional strictness; new functions
* stricter: `keys`, `values`, `onlyX` casts, `testBy`, `maskBy`, `take`, `drop`
* added: `isStruct`, `onlyStruct`, `entries`
* see changelog for details
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.eslintrc breaking: additional strictness; new functions Jul 30, 2018
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fpx: functional programming extensions for JavaScript. Lightweight replacement for Lodash: ≈ 12 KiB minified.

Uses ES2015 exports, compatible with tree shaking.


Installation and Usage

npm i -E fpx
const f = require('fpx')
// or
import * as f from 'fpx'

See the API reference:



New term: non-list objects are now called "structs". All object-related functions in Fpx validate their inputs via onlyStruct.

New functions:

  • isStruct
  • onlyStruct
  • entries

Breaking: keys and values are stricter; they're now consistent with all other object-related functions.

  • keys now accepts only null, undefined, and non-list objects, rejecting other inputs with an exception
  • values now accepts only null, undefined, and non-list objects, rejecting other inputs with an exception

Breaking: cast functions now serve as nil-tolerant assertions.

  • onlyString now accepts only null, undefined, and strings, rejecting other inputs with an exception
  • onlyList now accepts only null, undefined, and lists, rejecting other inputs with an exception
  • onlyDict now accepts only null, undefined, and dicts, rejecting other inputs with an exception

Breaking testBy changes:

  • function pattern: always convert result to boolean
  • regexp pattern: apply only to string input; no implicit conversion
  • object pattern: apply only to non-list object; ignore list and function inputs

Breaking maskBy changes:

  • regexp pattern: use onlyString to validate input
  • regexp pattern: use String.prototype.match instead of RegExp.prototype.test
  • list pattern: use onlyList to validate input
  • object pattern: use onlyStruct to validate input

Breaking: take and drop now accept only natural numbers as the second argument, rejecting negative integers and other inputs.


Breaking change: strictness.

  • List functions accept null, undefined, and lists, rejecting other arguments with an exception. This includes list-specific getters such as head and tail.

  • Dict functions accept null, undefined, and non-list objects, rejecting other arguments with an exception.

This change does not affect generic getters such as get and size.


show now adds quotes around a string.


Massive rework that makes Fpx a realistic replacement for Lodash. Breaking.

  • removed 22 functions and 1 alias
  • added 51 functions
  • renamed 3 functions
  • greatly improved performance
  • size went from 9 KiB to 12 KiB

Removed most weyrd-ass function transforms like and, or, juxt, alter, etc. Years of practice have revealed major drawbacks and questionable value. The best way to compose functions is to write functions that call functions. It's that simple.

Added tons of new list and dict functions. See the documentation.

All "iteration" functions now accept additional arguments for the operator.

Breaking changes in existing functions:

  • flatflattenDeep
  • foldlfold
  • foldrfoldRight
  • removed the isPlainObject alias for isDict
  • keys and values now only work on dicts
  • removed handling of this; just pass it as an additional operator argument

Approximate diff of the exports:



Added isIterator, published show.


Added lt, gt, lte, gte.


  • added isInfinity
  • isList is faster
  • isInteger is faster


0.4.0 has massive breaking changes. It removes a few functions and changes the argument order in 15 functions. It should basically be treated as a different library under the same name. Migrating an existing application is likely to cause subtle breakage, and existing dependents should probably remain on 0.3.1.

Functions added:

  • insertAtIndex

Functions removed:

  • applyBind
    • tends to be unused, side effect of how bind was defined
  • curry1
    • leads to shorter but harder to understand code, not worth the tradeoff
  • flip
    • hazardous due to JS's unpredictable argument count
  • revise
    • leads to code that is both extremely short and extremely hard to understand; not worth the tradeoff
  • fanout
  • funnel
    • not any better than regular imperative code with variable reassignment

Functions changed:

  • testBy: changed arguments to (operand, pattern)
  • foldl: changed arguments to (list, init, fun)
  • foldr: changed arguments to (list, init, fun)
  • map: changed arguments to (list, fun)
  • filter: changed arguments to (list, fun)
  • find: changed arguments to (list, fun)
  • every: changed arguments to (list, fun)
  • some: changed arguments to (list, fun)
  • procure: changed arguments to (list, fun)
  • take: changed arguments to (list, count)
  • drop: changed arguments to (list, count)
  • mapVals
    • changed arguments to (dict, fun)
    • removed mapDict alias; use mapVals instead
  • mapKeys
    • changed arguments to (dict, fun)
    • changed arguments in mapping function to (key, value)
  • maskBy
    • changed arguments to (operand, pattern)
  • validate
    • changed arguments to (operand, validator)

Rule/mnemonic for argument order: primary operand first. Motivation:

  • operator-last is more syntactically convenient when the operator is an inline function, especially if multiline
  • consistent operand-first is easier to remember
  • the original motivation for operator-first, currying, tends to be inconvenient and/or hazardous in JS

In list functions, the argument order is now similar to Array.prototype built-ins.

Removed the preservation of this from all higher-order functions that create a new function: bind, and, or, not, ifelse, ifthen, ifonly, ifexists, cond, pipe, comp, seq, pipeAnd, juxt, rest. Motivation: too implicit to rely on, tends to be unused, no tests.


I'm receptive to suggestions. If this library almost satisfies you but needs changes, open an issue or chat me up. Contacts:

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