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2014 CTF Game

The following is a list of all of the challenges used for the 2014 CTF along with their description and link for convenience. Each of these challenges contain a README which well tell you how to stand up the challenge and the correct key to allow you to check yourself when you solve it.


Title Value Repository Description
Capere clavem 50 2014-web-50 Hey, look! "Latin!"
This isn't Dominos... 100 2014-web-100 All we wanted was "a pizza".
Underwater Basket Weaving 200 2014-web-200 Who absolutely loves underwater basket weaving? YOU DO! Unfortunately, the last underwater basket weaving class ever is about to take place, but you didn't sign up in time. But there is a waiting list. If you can find that last key on the website, then surely you can get into the class and become a world master of the aquatic art. What are you waiting for? "GO GET THAT KEY".
Stop. Zoom in. Enhance that! 300 2014-web-300 The other night we caught two individuals who we believe to be spies on our CCTV cameras. During their interaction, one of the spies was writing what is suspected to be the password to their organization's secure communications line. When they realized our camera was there, they attempted to destroy it. They succeeded. However, we were able to recover some of the footage of the entire incident, along with a few frames of when they were getting away. We know they dropped the code somewhere and we've narrowed our search of the key to one frame, but we can't seem to find it. Do you think you can "assist us"?
Achy Breaky Heart 400 2014-web-400 Great. Your significant other is really really mad at you and has decided to take all of your documents and migrate them to their server. Even your work documents! Now an emergency at work has occured and your boss has called to get the failsafe key to lock the lab down. Everyone's counting on you to "get that key"!


Title Value Repository Description
Flip! It's an iPhone! 100 2014-binary-100 Moss: Flip! It’s an iPhone! There are flipping iPhones overflowing from the crane machine! [Moss looks through pockets] Moss: Ugh, I’m out of coin. [Kicks crane door that reads “PLEASE DO NOT REACH INTO THE PLAYING AREA”] [Enter Jen] Jen: Moss?! Moss? What am I gonna do? [Moss appears inside of crane, surrounded by toys] Jen: What are you…? How did you get in there? Moss: Through the hole. Jen: Why? Moss: There’s an iPhone, Jen! An actual iPhone! Jen: I need your password. I need the password for the translation program. Moss: Help me get the iPhone first. I can’t move my arms. Jen: No. Moss: I need to get it through the shoot. Someone else will take it if you don’t. Jen: I’m sure they’re not giving it away. An engineer must have dropped it. Moss: No. No. No, it’s a prize! It’s a prize! You’ve gotta help! Jen: I don’t have time. Moss: But it’s an iPhone, Jen. I may be able to get an iPhone without giving any money to Apple! I’ll be living the dream! Jen: What’s the password? What’s the password?! [Moss tries to get phone with mouth] [Jen bangs on glass] [Moss stops] Jen: MOSS! [Jen bangs on glass] Jen: MOSS! [Camera fade] [Jen is controlling the crane. Moss has the phone in his mouth and throws it into the shoot. Jen looks through the trap door and looks back up at Moss.] Jen: Where is it? Moss: I must be blocking it. I’ll try and move to clear the passage. [Moss tries to move with no luck] Jen: Come on, Moss. [Moss keeps trying, sweat accumulating on his face] Jen: Come on, Moss. You can do it. Push! Come on, Moss. Keep breathing. PUSH! Moss: Shut up! [Moss keeps trying] Jen: You can do it, Moss. Moss: I hate you! [Moss keeps trying] Jen: Why are you saying that? Moss: I don’t know! Stop talking! [Moss keeps trying] Jen: Come on, Moss. Come on! That’s it! It’s coming! I think I can see the start button! One last push! One, two three! Push! Come on, Moss! Push! Push! [Sound of phone entering shoot] [Moss calms down] [Jen, crying, holds up the phone like a newborn baby] Moss: It’s beautiful. Jen: "PASSWORD"! Hint: 4 digits
Aperture Labs social engineering experiment 200A 2014-binary-200A You have been given special "experimental privileges". Because, you know, everyone would rather have intimate relations with an inadimate object rather than a human being. However, during the initial development, the \"brilliant\" developers seemed to have misplaced the key that gives exclusive access to people who will pay big bucks to get even better odds of getting their ideal companion cube. Can you dig through this and find that key? Perhaps management will give you your very own companion cube and not some raw sewage container that you will rub your face on.
Digital safe shenanigans 200B 2014-binary-200B Remember that guy on Reddit that posted a picture of a safe he found in the basement of his new home and didn't show what was in it for like a year? Well that's happening again. Now you and the entire website are growing more and more eager. You finally lose patience and break into this individual's house to open the safe yourself. Luckily, it is a digital safe with some simple software. It's a good thing you know how to "hack binary files".
Knock knock! 300 2014-binary-300 Last night, you had the flag. But you decided to go to a crazy party at an apartment complex down the street. During that party you drank way too many Kool-Aid bursts, got sick and bounced. When you woke up the next morning, you realized that you had left the oh so precious flag in someone's apartment. Brad, the concierge of the complex, is nowhere to be found. Now you have to go door to door to "find the flag".
White cell breach 400 2014-binary-400 I don't know how, but you somehow got into our "key archive". So far luck has been on your side. Now can you solve this final challenge?


Title Value Repository Description
You can't trust anyone! 100 2014-forensics-100 I’ve never trusted sloths. Just look at those untrusting eyes, that evil glare. I’m sure "this sloth" is hiding something.
The Lost Plane 200 2014-forensics-200 A plane has gone missing and all we could recover is this "black box".
Mistakes of the Past 300A 2014-forensics-300A Kitty seems to have tampered with the "computer systems" a bit after Michael fired her. Maybe you can help figure out what she did.
1337 h4x0ring 300B 2014-forensics-300B The Cabbie Killer is at the large and has kidnapped Reed, who is live blogging from an unknown location. Our team of specialists tracked down an IP address using a GUI created in Visual Basic. From that IP we obtained a very important, password-protected ZIP file and a "memory dump" of the PC. We know that the ZIP file and computer have the same password. We need you to obtain the password and deliver the message to us.

Grab Bag

Title Value Repository Description
Remember to cover your tracks 100 2014-grabbag-100 WOAH! You somehow managed to find the "source code" and components that generate the key for this level! Lucky you. Looking back, big mistakes were made.
I HAVE THE POWER! 200A 2014-grabbag-200A You are an electrician working for Gaussian Electrical Services. Because of your superior electric skills, the big wigs sent you to Vietnam to show your skills off and top hopefully open a new branch there. When you arrive, you are tasked with rerouting power from an old building to a new tower that is replacing it. Sounds easy, "right"?
Archimedes needs hardware! 200B 2014-grabbag-200B Archimedes has been brought to the future by mistake! We need to put him back where he belongs, or the present could look drastically different! But we need certain hardware to do so. From what we understand, this hardware is cheap and rather small. We tried to get the specs from our current time machine, but the damage caused by getting Archimedes here has caused it to spit out everything in a "strange encryption scheme". We have been at this for you think you can try to solve it?
Taking your first steps as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 400 2014-grabbag-400 After a long, relaxing excursion to the town of Pripyat and the areas surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear reactors, you discover an old floppy disk in your luggage with a note on it. Rather than freaking about the possible amount of radiation the disk has, you decide to pick it up to read the note. The message is in Ukranian but luckily, you know how to read it. A majority of the message is irrelevant but you see the GPS coordinates of the location of a safe. Along with that, you read that the safe contains many invaluable things and how the key to the safe is somewhere on the disk. When you finish reading, you go to your grandparents house and stick the irradiated floppy disk into their ancient computer. While your hair is falling out, becoming nauseated, and seeing random sores pop up, you begin to comb through the contents of the disk. The disk contains a lot of fragmented files, and white space due to the long exposure of radiation. Now you're bald and tasting metal, but you finally find a weird file containing a simulation program that trains new technicians. Perhaps the key somewhere in "this program"...


Title Value Repository Description
Why not crypto? 50A 2014-crypto-50A You have "a message" from Matt.
A cruel office prank 50B 2014-crypto-50B A group of people in the office have decided to take Velma's glasses and switch out her keyboard. She's stubborn and decided to write an e-mail that contains the key to me on her \"new\" keyboard without her glasses. Can you translate "this email"?
Dude where's my key? 100 2014-crypto-100 You’re walking down the street, on a mission to deliver a lost baby bird to its mother. Your friend, The Map, told you the way and there is one more landmark before you will get the baby bird’s treehouse. Out of nowhere, Swiper, that stealthy fox, takes the key to the bird’s home out of your hands and throws them into a suspicious pile of other keys on the side of road. Now you have to "find your key" among the others.
Nestling 200 2014-crypto-200 A defecting KGB spy, codenamed \"Nestling\", has managed to smuggle some documents from a Soviet science lab in Siberia. Intelligence believes that only one of the documents is actually important as it relates to an experiment that the Kremlin has been bragging about for the past few years. This document also contains the key that will get us into their developing version of the ARPANET. See what you can "dig up".
Franks Cipher 300 2014-crypto-300 I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that I'm at the console that contains the key we need. All we have to do is "read a story". The bad news is that the story is a bunch of random text that I don't understand. There is a sticky note on the side of the screen that may help us understand the text. It says \"Blanche Fisher Wright forty-six down and one to the right.\" This may give us part of the text, if not all of it.
To beam up...or not to beam up 500 2014-crypto-500 Your friend is paranoid and constantly thinks that aliens are trying to contact her. Last night, she sent you "a picture" that she found in a google search on her own name.

Regex used to assist in generating this file (The first block is placed in the "Find" block and the second in the "Replace" block in sublime)

Find Block:

    (.+): ?
      name: (.+)
      points: .+
      state: .+
      (file|path): .+
      flag: .+
      description: \|

Replace Block:

      <td><a href="\1">2014--\1</a></td>

Next, you will need to do a find replace to get rid of all links:

Find Block:


Replace Block:



Repo containing links to all CTF Challenges used in the 2014 MITRE CTF.







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